A Stirring in the Forest

Sometime late last night Redneck Texan dropped by yesterday’s post about the frightened people of Charlotte County. He left a very cogent comment, part of which is excerpted below:

The MinutemanThe American spirit that our ancestors harnessed to conquer this continent lies somewhat dormant today, especially in certain regions of America. Our ancestors woke up in a world every morning where there were other groups of humans in the woods with a uncompromising violent warrior ideology looking to butcher our families. In an environment like that you couldn’t afford to let political correctness dictate your responses. You couldn’t wait for the authorities to come protect you. You had to be willing to take responsibility for your family’s survival into your own hands, and if that meant you had to use your technological and tactical superiority in a preemptive use of locally organized violence, local law enforcement would understand. But the further the threat was pushed away from the backyards of the northeast political elite the easier it was for them to legislate a conscience.

– – – – – – – – – –

Nowadays, at least until the next major attack on our shores, the good people of Charlotte County are simply reacting the way that they have been programmed to for generations now. For starters they know our system of justice is efficient enough to imprison them if they get caught defending their culture in an extra-judicial manner, but not effective enough to protect them from a local group of committed extremists adhering to a violent religious doctrine.

Mr. Texan, I would agree: the spirit of the Minuteman is dormant. But it is beginning to stir. So is Holger Danske, for that matter.

The biggest problem for the sons of liberty is that the means of public communication have been strangled, so that like-minded people who detest the erosion of their liberties are cut off from one another, unaware of how many of us there are.

But all that is changing even now.

The partisans are stirring in the forest.

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  1. “For starters they know our system of justice is efficient enough to imprison them if they get caught defending their culture in an extra-judicial manner, but not effective enough to protect them from a local group of committed extremists adhering to a violent religious doctrine.”

    I agree about the communication disruption by powers who want more power.

    That about sums it up. Use the Border Patrol agents as an example. From what little is out there, no one knows the whole story. Homeland security, ha ha, using taxpayer dollars, giving immunity to a known and admitted drug smuggler who had crossed the border illegally so he would testify against the agents. Throw in a prosecutor who is one of Bush’s good ole boys from his governor days and it sounds like the Prez is doing an end run to keep his “amnesty” for illegals alive and well.

    If any part of the government is failing the people it is sworn to serve, via the Constitution, and can’t be sued, as our society loves to do, then it should be removed. Fought for my country and I love my country but it is time for Americans wake up.


  2. Stephen,

    Until recently, I would have agreed with you. Things are changing, but they’re not always visible on the surface, i.e. in the media, where most people get their idea of what’s going on. Not everything can be written up and put in a blog post, but change is occurring.

    It’s kind of like, “The Revolution will not be televised.”

    Or maybe, “There’s something happening here, and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?”

  3. A concise essay on the evil of Islam

    Warner: Political Islam has annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation takes centuries, but once Islam is ascendant it never fails. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct.

    We must learn the doctrine of political Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer us. Islam is a self-declared enemy of all unbelievers. The brilliant Chinese philosopher of war, Sun Tsu, had the dictum—know the enemy. We must know the doctrine of our enemy or be annihilated. Or put another way: if we do not learn the doctrine of political Islam, our civilization will be annihilated just as Egypt’s Coptic civilization was annihilated.



    “The Appetite of Tyranny”, by G.K.Chesterton, written almost 90 years ago. Now on GoV, LGF, JW, UP and other such sites, we have characterised this war as not a war between civilisations but one between civilisation and barbarism. In this essay, Chesterton defines the essence of barbarism, but in the context of Prussia. Some of the language is not quite consonant with our PC times, nonetheless, this essay of Prussian barbarism and barbarism in general. The Islamic menace that we face is the barbarian again but in the guise of a religion.

    The Appetite of Tyranny


  4. Baron

    It must be obvious now that despite the efforts of many in the blogosphere and else where, the MSM is reluctant to place the spotlight on Islam. Bill Warner comments about this, and posits some reasons why this is so. The first is fear. I commented on this at GoV a year or so back. The other is shame.

    If the MSM is reluctant to examine Islam in the religious context, then another direction of critique has to be found. G K Chesterton’s definitions of the barbarian, which Islam fulfills quite handsomely, is just that way.

    The essay is really a must read, quite apart from the prose, which sadly, one hardly ever encounters these days.

  5. Stephen,

    I did enjoy your essay. Thank you for the link.

    The examples you cite are coming through the media. Most of the information about what’s bad comes through the media. The media is almost entirely occupied by the enemy; it’s a major part of the problem.

    But if you withdraw from media — and even the internet and the major blogs — you’ll see that different things are happening.

    For the last 5 months, since the 910 Group started up, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot going on around us that is not always clearly visible. If the Ku Klux Klan hadn’t already ruined the phrase, I’d call it the “Invisible Empire”. I know a guy who is putting his life on the line right now to try to do his part, as an ordinary citizen, to fight political Islam here in the USA. To do what our government is failing to do.

    I can’t talk about everything I know about because of the nature of what’s happening. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

    If you’re reading Gates of Vienna, you’re looking for your car keys under the street lamp, where the light is good. This is what you can see.

    But get away from the streetlamp. Get out there in the dimness, in the bushes and weeds. Let your eyes get used to the dark. See what you can find out there.

    PD111 — same goes for you. This will happen, and is happening, without the MSM (in spite of it), and without the help of our elected leaders. We’re on our own.

  6. The partisans are stirring in the forest.

    And thats good to see. I applaud your efforts to jump start the resistance, because I have about zero confidence in a non extra-judicial solution to our problem.

    And not to marginalize your short term goals, but the best results you can probably expect from protesting the sign or the compound’s existence is that they take down the sign and relocate the compound somewhere else where the locals are a little more complacent. Worthy goals, but much more will be required to remove the threat they and their kind pose.

    I’m figurin’ the American Spirit that flows in our veins will be awakened in earnest when an attack on our infrastructure cripples our transportation network enough to cause sustained empty shelves in the grocery stores or no fuel to power our wage earning commutes. Or one that leaves everything inside the Washington Beltway permanently inhabitable. There’s nothing like an empty stomach to help get your priorities in perspective, and the remnants of a government whose entire leadership has been vaporized will have better things to worry about than groups of like-minded rednecks taking the opportunity to reestablish the old rules of engagement our ancestors exercised during our expansive stage.

    That could happen tonight, or it might never happen.

    If the latter is the case there’s always the possibility of an internally generated catalyst…..such as the election of a liberal President who’s last name rhymes with Osama. Or we elect one that refuses to respond appropriately to the next cultural provocation from our Islamic friends on the other side of our planet.

    Scariest thing is Baron, I’m not entirely confident that a breakdown in law and order here will not, when the smoke of ethnic and ideological conflict clears, see the surviving rednecks piled onto reservations, internment camps, or mass graves. Perhaps not in my region of the immorally gotten homeland, but I can imagine plausible scenarios where in the urban / border areas the new extra-judicial peckin order doesn’t favor my side….if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t want to be in Dearborn when the first shots are fired in anger. But after the initial bloody flash point it might become a contest of who has enough sense and supplies to survive the next winter.

    This whole ramblin arse comment up to this point might very will be construed as the ravings of a madman, but if you project the desires of our enemies out to a point that they inevitably cross the means to fulfill them…..its only a matter of time. I cant foresee any possible reason for them to voluntarily stop trying to smite the infidel’s cities, and in many ways, much as I hate to actually admit it in a public forum, our recent successes in preempting the next major attack on America or Europe only lets the cancer spread further into our society. And if the catalyst that forces us to surgically remove the cancer doesn’t come before the demographic curve reaches the apex (mid-century) then the America we are fightin’ to save wont be worth the effort.

    ….wish I could think of a slick Dylan line to end this on, but I think I just depressed myself too much. 😉

  7. Redneck Texan:

    This is the best I can do off the top of my head:

    Strange things have happened, like never before.
    My baby told me I would have to go.
    I can’t be good no more, once like I did before.
    I can’t be good, baby,
    Honey, because the world’s gone wrong.

  8. Here is the hot topic of our period.

    We are, I believe, headed toward a scenario of a judicial anti-justice mass phenomenon (not necessarily in the form of a World Government so much as in the form of World Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy, which we now only so well) with only a tiny extra-judicial justice-keeping remnant holding it in check. I wrote of it last Tuesday, in my post The Lawlessness That Masquerades As Law. We can now add the arrest of the French policemen who chased “youths” (=Muslims) to their electrocution to the list; there will be more and more and more of that.

    You ask if it’s a clash of civilizations or a clash between civilization and barbarism. I say it’s both: it’s a clash between true civilization and barbarism taking the form of civilization. The latter is exemplified by both the EU and Islam.

    As Redneck Texan’s opening quote says, those who would survive must remember their roots. For a lot of us, this means the Biblical heritage; but even if you’re an atheist, you can take note that the ancient Greeks wouldn’t have approved of the current situation either. Only the rootless are in grave danger of being dhimmis, or worse, going over totally to the other side like Adam Gadahn did.

  9. I think what you’re seeing is the clash between the Socialists/Leftists on one side, the Conservatives in the middle, and religious barbarism on the other. The left is using both junk science (global warming) and threats from abroad (terrorism) to demand more control, more oversight, more regulations. The Left uses the enemy to damage the Conservatives, weakening them so the damage seems more severe, then uses the severity of that damage to show how weak the Conservatives are. With the tool of the MSM to hide the real weaknesses, that, up close, are seen to be the Left and their ilk, they can then tell the story they want, educating the masses, silencing all opposing viewpoints.

  10. While I applaud the recognition of the vileness and danger that is Islam, that is slowly gaining ground here in some blogs, I can’t forget how lonely I felt just a couple of years ago when I posted this over at “Dhimmiwatch”.

    “I find it easier and most accurate to just say that “The CULT of Islam, is the most evil cult ever on this planet”.

    I mean the most vile defination of cult when I use it in this context.

    I believe I am the first to ever describe Islam in this manner, or at least I have not seen it anywhere else.

    I think that it should be adopted and spread across the net as the accepted defination of Islam.”

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

    Posted by: Papa Ray at December 29, 2005 08:03 PM

    I had already been posting such vile racist propaganda for some months, not only in American blogs, but those of Islamic persuasion and American liberal socialists.

    Of course I didn’t win any hearts and minds, in any of those blogs or websites.

    Just death threats and such.

    But that is ok, because in some very small way, I have helped get some peoples attention, be it good or bad.

    At my age, that is enough, or I should say will have to be enough, at least until I am forced to defend my family and this Republic in other more violent and bloody manner.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  11. In Maine, I think, some drunk tossed a pig’s head into a mosque. Yes, even Maine has them now.

    Maine also has a big and noisy pc contingent, because it is a really beautiful place to live if you can afford it; and these good enlightened people had gotten some muslims from Somalia or someplace to move there so that they’d have somebody to be all multi-cultural over. Perhaps Scandanavia felt the same way: Unless you have some gen-u-ine minorities, you’re just a back-water rube outfit.

    Anyway, the pc-choir went into high song over the incident. Multi-faith meetings. Inter-faith demonstrations. Trotting out hate-crime legislatiion. Sputterings in newspaper columns and letters to the editor. I don’t know how it all turned out for the poor guy with the pig’s head.

    But I suspect the enemy lacked the finesse to let it drop. And it this, they’re doing our evangalizing for us, although they don’t mean to.

  12. All the comments here have been good ones. From my view, DocNeaves has the answer to the problems we have and will have. Now that leftists have added shariaists to their long list of ways to split the public, they will continue using them in that fashion. In Europe, the leftist/shariaist/minority coalitions have relegated anyone and anything which might be called conservative or independent thought to a position of being ostricized and battered.

    They may leave doors open. Economic or terrorist disasters could taint them in the public mind – for a brief time, until the media can do their spin to cover the reasons over. We need to be prepared with plans for those contingencies.

    We need to press for a conservative presence on national broadcasting. Pressure FCC and politicians for having closed the loop for so long, to prevent our presence. Centrist Fox is a breath of fresh air, but will it remain so?

    Even with Fox, the left is feeling real heat. Bloggers are applying even more. Leftists can’t operate where truth is available.

    We will continue, so long as we are able, but do we have ways to meet and communicate should our avenues be closed? Isolation can be devastating, as those of us present since the sixties can attest to.

  13. One little voice in the wilderness – E.D. Hill of Fox News did host Radical Islam: Terror in its own words yesterday. It was very clear and Brigette Gabriel was on there as well along with Shoebat and Emerson (?). Just getting over a BAD flu attack. So wonderful to read the Gates again.

  14. Baron

    I posted G K Chesterton’s essay on barbarism, as it is another angle to attack the Islam in the West. It is particularly suitable in an environment where attacking Islam as a religion will not gain you a sympathetic audience. I offered it as a different strategy that you may find useful in the 910 group.

    Best wishes for your endeavours.

  15. Dear Eat Your Beans – I agree for you will ‘know them by their fruits’. Our enemies live amoung us and know our laws better than we do. They utilize that knowledge to stifle our freedom.

    They are the bogey man in the closet and we need to take the covers off our head and turn on the light.

    May God bless you indeed.

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