The Undercover Mosque Report

Reader DR sent this link to a full-length video of Monday night’s Channel 4 (UK) report on radical preaching in Britain’s mosques.

This one is 48 minutes long, and you can watch the entire program with a single click. Anyone who hasn’t watched it already is well-advised to do so.

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11 thoughts on “The Undercover Mosque Report

  1. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to see this but haven’t had time to sit in front of a computer. I’m downloading it to my hand held now.


  2. I love how preachers of the political movement/cult that brought us al Taqqiyah have accused the Christians and Jews of being liars.

    Religion of Peace nothing. Political Movement of Hate is more like it.

  3. The three clips are removed from youtube already. I suppose the same will happen here soon.
    I did save a version of the first two of those to my PC and try to find out how to display them on my blog independent from google or youtube. Help is welcome.

  4. FransGroenendijk, on the LINK the Baron provided (google) you can click the ‘Download’ tag located at the upper, right corner. It’s in *.avi format and if you just upload the file to your own site I think most people can use it. It’s all over the place now so I don’t think there’s copyright issues…

  5. Thanks for the link, Baron, very useful. And especial thanks to kepiblanc for pointing out the download button. So much for online censorship.

  6. Hopefully this is a sign that the Brits and Europe may be starting to wake up; let’s all keep screaming…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe SCREAMS
    heed the call to jihad

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