The Logistics of Bribery

Swedish reader LN sent me this comment, which he says was left by PD111 (aka DP111) on the blog Up Pompeii as part of an exchange with Sir Henry Morgan.

Unfortunately, the post he linked to has since disappeared from Up Pompeii, so we’ll just have to take LN’s word for it.

Here’s what PD111 had to say:

Sometime ago I made an estimate of the monetary cost to the taxpayer because of Muslims. Let’s see if I can remember .

According to government figures, some 40% of the Muslim population is unemployed. Assume a Muslim population of 2 million. Assuming that it costs around £15,000 per person per year to maintain an individual, we arrive at a figure of £12bn.

I’m — quite generously — including education, health and other incidental expenses in this figure. This figure does not include the cost of security, the damage to the economy of the West due to travel inconvenience etc.

One can then safely double the figure to £24bn per year. This is really an underestimate. If we factor in war costs, and other factors such as the FGM, burqas, bad hygiene, inbreeding, increasing incidence of TBC, etc, violence, increasing incidence of rapes, cost of judicial trials, prison welfare, specially Muslim prison welfare, the figure is much higher.

– – – – – – – – – –

I suppose the last few should be categorised in the “not wealthy” category. Say around £50bn per year. Over a ten year period this amounts to £500bn without considering inflation. Now if we give this money to each Muslim in the UK, it would amount to £125,000 per person, under the condition that they go back to dar ul Islam — And no further Muslim immigration — we will be in the black in ten years at most. Actually much less.

Besides, the nation will be whole again. What do you think? Utopian but you never know.

They say you can bribe anybody. Assuming an average Muslim family of 6, this figure is about a £1m per family, and this is a very very large sum of money in any ME/African/Asian country bar SA.

Hey, wait a minute, this figure is large enough for poor old me to consider converting to Islam.

And here’s LN’s afterword:

Give each grownup Muslim in Sweden SEK 500,000, and each child 200,000 — and let them promptly return to dar ul Islam. And as an extra premium the whole family on the day of departure from Sweden gets another SEK 500,000 to start over in Gaza or Beirut. Yes, I am niggardly; they themselves must pay for the return ticket, but everybody will be much happier. Allah also.

4 thoughts on “The Logistics of Bribery

  1. The noun “Islamophobia” implies an irrational fear of Islam and is frequently used to smear persons who actually have a rational fear of Islam. In the interest of countering this propaganda, I have coined the term “islamoprudentia” (note the deliberate lower case first ‘i’) to describe what people with common sense feel about Islam, i.e., prudence in the face of danger. The Latin meaning of prudentia:
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    I hope this is useful and that you will disseminate usage of this term widely.

  2. “Unfortunately, the post he linked to has since disappeared from Up Pompeii, so we’ll just have to take LN’s word for it.”

    The text most certainly is still there, if you (we) search hard enough you (we) will find it. But we do not need to — do take my word for it!
    However, for those who do not know -> UP POMPEII. “exposing Islamic Jihad in Britain and Europe”

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