Lying Imam Deported

Fawaz DamraThe United States seems to be taking cues from Denmark:

DETROIT — A Muslim leader convicted of lying about his involvement with a suspected terrorist organization has been deported to his native Palestinian territories, immigration authorities said Friday.

Fawaz Damra, 46, was convicted in June 2004 of concealing his ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad when he applied for U.S. citizenship in 1994.

At his 2004 trial, prosecutors showed video footage of Damra and other Muslim leaders raising money for an arm of the group. He had been jailed in Monroe County, Mich., since a judge ordered his deportation a year ago.

Damra served as imam at Ohio’s largest mosque, the Islamic Center of Cleveland. He was deported on Thursday, said Tim Counts, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It’s a significant event, because this Islamist liar had gained American citizenship. He was tried, convicted, had his citizenship revoked, and has been deported to “Palestine”. It took long enough, but he finally has the opportunity to enjoy his new status as a local hero in his native land.

Damra portrayed himself as an innocent victim of racial profiling, Islamophobia, etc blah yak. He is a man of peace who engaged in some youthful indiscretions. Couldn’t anybody see that he’d outgrown all that?

His attorney, Michael Birach, said the imam was a victim of immigration officials who wanted to look tough after the Sept. 11 attacks.

But the federal officials involved must have slept through their diversity training sessions, because they deported him anyway.

Further background on Damra is here. And, strangely enough, you can find a seasonal prayer from the imam from 2003 at this holistic medicine website.
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Fawaz Damra has his own website, naturally. According to his wife,

The media has reported that we will be going to one of five countries. The reality is that the government is giving Fawaz ninety days to have a country accept him (other than Canada and Mexico). This is not any easy task considering what our government has accused him. We are asking those we know who have contacts in other countries to help us, we also appreciate advice from our friends.

What about Saudi Arabia? Libya? North Korea? Surely there is a country out there somewhere which considers condemnation by the United States government grounds for admission…

Good-bye, Fawaz! Good luck in your new life.

8 thoughts on “Lying Imam Deported

  1. Your blog is awesome! I love the opening about Vienna. And thank God the lying imam was deported. Why doesn’t this happen more often?
    Here’s a shameless plea for you to link to four like-minded blogs; check them out and you’ll see they are fellow travelers (and this isn’t spam):
    The West rocks!

  2. I have suggested to my British friends that they resettle South Georgia Island with their ‘asylum’ seekers who number in the thousands.

    Seems this remote South Atlantic Island formerly inhabited by whalers and now by only penguins and seals could also be used to send defrocked Imams from France, the US and elsewhere to.

    There the asylum seekers and jihadists from Greater Muslimania could thrive in the bracing winds of the South Atlantic as free men safe from the prejudice and Islamaphobia of Christendom.

  3. …resettle South Georgia Island with…

    That is a barbaric suggestion sir, they should be sent to the Falklands, where there are at least sheep to molest. Furthermore, the presence of thousands of freezing muzzlims would keep the Argies at bay without the need for military expenditure.

  4. Baron, the US may be taking leads from Denmark but they’re upping the ante…. Denmark has yet to expel any of our “lying imams” or even start taking legal steps against them. There were some tough talk at one point and then it has gone down memory lane, with everybody more busy blaming the government for involvment in Iraq, and handing prisoners over to the American Forces who *gasp* couldn’t be relied on extending the courtesy of POW and Geneva Rights to people captured in the War on Terror. And of course a lot of domestic stuff… anything to discredit the current government, taking the lead from the liberal left in the US… We even have our own Dhimmi Carter now… who goes by the name of Mogens Lykketoft, although he by the grace of God never made it to be Prime Minister!

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