Daniel Pipes vs. Red Ken

On January 20th, London’s mayor Ken Livingstone hosted a debate in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, across the street from Westminster Abbey, on “A World Civilisation or a Clash of Civilisations”. The jumping-off point of the debate was Samuel Huntington’s famous book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. The principal speaker besides “Red Ken” was Daniel Pipes, the noted author and a charter member of the Counterjihad.

Daniel Pipes and Red KenA contingent from the UK and Canadian chapters of the 910 Group was present and one of them, “Flyboy”, was videotaping the event. 910 Group member “Willy” has made the entire video available in seven parts on YouTube — see the bottom of this post for the links.

Red Ken spoke first, and gave a very urbane speech about the need for multiculturalism and a coming together of different cultures to form a “world civilization”. He referred repeatedly to the defects of the United States, and gave his opinion that the era of America as the premier global power is even now coming to an end.

Mr. Pipes expressed a strong disagreement with the mayor.

“The problem is not so much a clash of civilizations,” he said, “but a clash between civilization and barbarism… The ‘clash of civilizations’ idea fails; it does not fit the facts; it is not a good way to understand the world.” He went on to detail the dangers of the largest and most violent barbarism of all, radical Islam. He singled out Britain, and in particular London, as the world’s principal haven for Islamic terrorists.

I haven’t had time yet to watch all the other speakers; you’ll have to go to YouTube to hear the rest of the arguments. Mr. Pipes’ account of the event is here.

The MSM has been silent about this important event, so we all owe a debt of gratitude to the dedicated volunteers of the 910 Group for making the video available. Please pass the links around.

The debate in seven parts (in order):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Or go to Willy’s YouTube profile for all the video links.

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8 thoughts on “Daniel Pipes vs. Red Ken

  1. Thanks for posting those Baron. Daniel Pipes was impressive of course, but I liked the English guy who spoke last. Very switched on.

  2. Daniel Pipes is an ardent Islam apologist whose nonsensical mantra is “Radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution”. The question to those who have seen the debate is, did he resist the temptation to present his apologist nonsense this time around?

  3. GOV, great blog, the best on the web!!! When will the West awake from its self-induced slumber of multiculturalism. I do fear Europe will dig itself such a hole that someday it will cease to exist. This is probably fifty years from now but it is coming. S.P. Huntington’s Who Are We is a classic. http://www.talkwise.blogspot.com

  4. G.O.V.,
    Mr. Pipes is a true warrior for the West. It is truly sad to see Great Britain being underminded by the agents of multiculturalism. Mr. Churchill is crying from the heavens.

  5. talkwise:
    ” I do fear Europe will dig itself such a hole that someday it will cease to exist. This is probably fifty years from now”

    I doubt it will be 50 years. When the end comes it’s always quicker than expected. Stey says the US’s National Intelligence Committee predicts European collapse by 2020, but he thinks 2015 is more likely. I’m not sure; a totalitarian state is rapidly developing across Europe and it may fight hard for its own survival. The Marxists and the Islamists are unlikely to remain allied forever once the last vestiges of liberal democracy are gone. Whatever the resolution, I doubt it will be much over 10-15 years from now.

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