“This is something one is not allowed to speak of.”

The Swedish newspaper Folkets Nyheter has published a followup (in English) to its interview with the Malmö policeman that we featured here a few days ago.

I don’t want to hear complaints about the nature of Folkets Nyheter, or its association with neo-Nazi or other hate groups. The important thing is the information about Malmö in the interview, and whether or not it is true.

Here’s what the newspaper has to say in its defense:

A commentary from Folkets Nyheter’s editorial staff on the interview with a Malmö police man

Malmö PoliceOn account of all the attention caused by the publishing of Folkets Nyheter’s article Malmöpolisens klarspråk: Det är på väg att gå åt helvete! (in English: Plain Speech From the Malmö Police: It’s all going to hell!), Folkets Nyheter would like to make some clarifications and take the opportunity to say thank you, for all the e-mails we have received and to those of our readers who on their own initiative have translated and spread the interview around the world.

This is one of the most important interviews Folkets Nyheter has made and we owe much gratitude to the very courageous policeman who dared to tell us and our readers about his experiences from and about the true reality of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city.

Due to the state of suppression of free opinion and the lack of practical freedom of speech presently in Sweden in matters of the highest importance to our people and country, we can not disclose any further information on the identity of the policeman we have interviewed.

– – – – – – – – – –

Naturally, we understand that people are curious about his identity but we guarantee absolute anonymity to those who we interview and hope to interview in the future about similar topics. There is, as many immigrant youth have picked up on and are participating in wholeheartedly, a sort of war waged against the Swedish people and for a policeman to let himself be interviewed about the matter is not without its dangers.

The interview with the policeman is authentic, evidently. Folkets Nyheter has, which you can see if you read articles published on our web site and in our paper issue, made a large number of interviews: with other policemen from Malmö whose only advice to Swedish youth that are attacked by immigrant gangs is to “Run like hell away from there!”; with government authorities like the Ombudsman Against Ethnic Discrimination who are of the opinion that Swedes, who do not want to spend an evening out in places they find are to frequented by immigrants, should stay at home…

With news papers like Kristianstadsbladet who expose people who are critical of current immigration policies with names and home addresses and in their news articles magically transform left wing extremists into “Nazis”. With a seventeen year old Swedish girl who was harassed and beaten by an immigrant mob in Ronna and when rescued by her father and the police, was shot at by the mob with automatic weapons. With a 20-year old who was stabbed in the back by an immigrant gang in Helsingborg and escaped death by a mere 2 millimetres. With a police officer in Stockholm who confirmed that the majority of perpetrators behind the rape epidemic that has struck Stockholm are black Africans and also commented: “But this is something one is not allowed to speak of”.

This is just a fraction of what Folkets Nyheter and other alternative Swedish news sources have reported on. Claiming, like certain debaters have done in different forums around the world where our article is being discussed, that our interview is a fraud and that the policeman himself does not exist is politically corrects’ wishful thinking and to cowardly turn away from the reality taking place in Malmö and Sweden.

Considering all of the attention and stir caused by just one interview like this, we are hoping this will give others the strength and courage to get in touch with Folkets Nyheter or other media who are working outside of the establishment. An establishment with a massive hostility towards ethnic Swedes and hell bent on distorting reality.

The established mass media of Sweden have deserted the Swedish people long ago, and so has our political leadership. It is now up to us who have realized and acknowledged this, to build a structure that will be able to circumvent and in time replace the current establishment with something better.

If any readers find factual inaccuracies in all this, or errors of deduction, or biased presentation, or any other fault in the information itself, please go ahead and argue your case. But don’t argue by discrediting the source; I don’t consider that valid. As I said the other day, the PC-Multicultural establishment in Sweden has forced all dissenting opinion into the same bed as the neo-Nazis and Nordic nationalists.

I don’t care. If this information is true, it’s worth looking at.

Let’s pretend that Folkets Nyheter is being run by a consortium that includes Jack the Ripper, Heinrich Himmler, and Attila the Hun. There. Now we know they’re Real Bad Guys.

Let’s drop that argument and look at what’s being said.

Hat tip: Steen of Snaphanen.

4 thoughts on ““This is something one is not allowed to speak of.”

  1. These are the first bubble of the fermentation that is going on underneath the surface in Europe. We see them coming to the top and poping, have no fear this is going to happen more and more until it becomes a seething cauldron. Which our politicians will not be able to ignore or suppress. I have watched with a cynical eye these last few years the denial of reality the ostrich like head in the sand stance of our politicians and MSM. I can in fact understand it. Just over 60 years ago Europe came out of a bloody war, not a long one by European standards where it could adjust slowly over a period of decades, it was short sharp bloody and extremely brutal it was perhaps the most traumatic experience that the continent had every experienced, it caused a lot of soul searching nobody wanted it to happen again There arose a new idealism perhaps best epitomised in the swing to the left in England which swept Churchill out of power before the end of the war. This new Idealism always reminds me of those pre-war science fiction magazine covers where monorails sweep majestically into glass domed cities. We can do better than this we are decent human being. The problem is that over the last 60 years we have built up this image of ourselves our past has frightened us and no way must we repeat it. The welfare state is just one of the things that has emerged out of our fears and fantasies we have built up an image of what we want and what we are and what humanity is like and in which direction humanity must go, we have built a mirage and called it reality. The wealth that we have built up in Europe has cushioned us from the shocks of reality. It is only now after 60 years that we are realising that the fantasies world we have build around us is no more than smoke and mirrors. The working classes have been the first to realise this but our leaders are still insulated from the reality of the situation. And still trying to push the old agenda. They are not evil in fact most of them are decent people. Chamberlain before the last war was definitely not an evil person, in fact he was a very decent compassionate person and scrupulously honest. The only problem was that he was wrong. The same I think can be said of Blair and Bush. We have unfortunately a few more years before the scales fall from there eyes and they finally perceive how deadly the threat is. Then after perhaps a few decades of horror before we finally adjust to the new situation.

  2. This ‘bubbling beneath the surface’ that yorkshire is talking about is dangerous in more ways than one.
    As most people reading this know, Europe has all but muzzled dissention from the mainstream view that multiculturalism and all that comes with it is a good thing. This ‘moderating of the debate,’ as they call it, adds yet another layer of danger to the conflict. The lack of information, of real news, is so bad that the only people reporting on it are discredited because of their associations (whether they agree with them or not is irrelevant).
    When truth is just another ‘extremist’ view that gets pushed to the edges of society, those who understand the reality of the situation have to get in bed with people who agree with them on the major issues, even if their views are absurd and extreme.
    Those who understand the situation then run a real risk of being infected with some of these delusional views; even more likely and frightening, if they succeed in gaining power they often draw the not-so-welcome company from the sidelines with them.
    The backlash from limiting discussion could be the cause of what they fear so much: extremism, real extremism, may become the norm.

  3. I have never doubted the accuracy of the story published by Folkets Nyheter. They have probably interviewed a Malmö police officer and I perfectly understand why he wishes to remain anonymous. If I were him, I would certainly do the same particularly if I wanted to remain a police officer in the future.

    However, the issue is not the accuracy of the report itself but the credibility of the medium. This is not because people behind Folkets Nyheter are nazis (the most likely are not and they are probably sincerely worried about the situation and quite rightly so), but that their news report is like pissing in the wind. It will not cause a wide public debate, because the MSM will ignore the story as well as the vast majority of Swedish people.

    The story will not penetrate the layers of self-deception, ignorance and indifference. If there is an event like the cartoon crisis in Denmark or if Swedish Democrats get 10 per cent of the vote in the general election, things might change.

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