Shining the Light on Those Crooked, Sadistic Dutch

The news is out. Those progressive, peace-loving Dutch are really torturers. Abu Ghraib has nothing on their methods. Here’s the quoted report from ¡No Pasaran! about what Dutch Military Intelligence did in Iraq (my emphasis):

According to De Volkskrant, the interrogations were carried out by members of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service in November 2003 in buildings of the Coalition Provisional Authority in the town of Samawah, on the Euphrates River about 230 miles southeast of Baghdad.

Prisoners were forced to wear darkened goggles then exposed to bright lights when the goggles were removed, De Volkskrant reported. They also were kept awake for long periods by being doused with water or subjected to high-pitched noises.

The MSM really does use the same tactics the world over. Truth is expendable in the name of whatever an individual considers to be the justice of the moment.

This particular “truth” is the leftstream Dutch media’s attempt to spin stories for the coming elections. As ¡No Pasaran! so delicately puts it:

There’s been yet another attempt at an infantile pre-electoral surprise. This time it’s by a bunch of dim bulbs in the Netherlands. The newspaper De Volkskrant reports on a torture scandal with the politically potential usefulness greater than abu Greib ever was since we’re talking about Europeans who have convinced themselves that the dozen prisoners abused at abu Greib was a chamber of horrors on the scale of Auschwitz.

What is it with world-wide leftist journalists? (Sorry for the redundancy). Do they get some kind of inoculation in graduate school which makes them immune to reality? Are they all such ditzes that when they spin the news this way, they end up a bit wobbly themselves?
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It would be funny… but unfortunately, they don’t just spin the “news.” They actually believe the garbage they create. Either that, or they follow the old dictum that the ends justify the means, especially if the ends involve keeping anyone to the right of Che Guevara out of power. In other words, they’re either truly naive or basely cynical.

As ¡No Pasaran! puts it (my bold):

If there is anything that’s to be though of as “senseless” it’s the left’s abuse of a military trying to restore a civil society after justly deposing a warmongering dictator.

The insurgents are the ones behind the killing of innocent civilians, and by some great leap out from the shackles of morality and common sense, the “peace” camp can’t seem to countenance shining a bright light in the eyes of 15 men in the effort to put a stop to it.

Just to reiterate: in the caring, loving Netherlands, buggery, an abuse of animals for non-consensual personal jollies for no productive reason is completely legal, but shining a light in the eyes of military prisoners with information that can save lives isn’t.

Well, for heaven’s sake, Joe. It doesn’t actually hurt the animals, does it? I mean, it’s not like using them in laboratories to test cosmetics, for heaven’s sake. And no one is actually cutting the poor animal up to eat it, now are they? Besides, a truly caring person – one who one speaks truth to power every morning — would dream of shining a light in the animal’s eyes or anything. Now that would be cruel and inhuman.

Crooked ManThere was a crooked man
And he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence
Upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat,
Which caught a crooked mouse.
And they all lived together
In a little crooked house.

It is indeed very difficult to keep the moral metric straight if you’re a journalist… or a legislator making up the latest buggery laws.

14 thoughts on “Shining the Light on Those Crooked, Sadistic Dutch

  1. I think you have to stop thinking of these people as journalists. They are no more “journalists” than Goebbels was. They are terrorists, and should be treated as such.

    If that means killing them as the situation warrants, so be it.

  2. Dymphna:
    Good question. In the case of the Euro journalists I suspect that as a guild they feel deeply guilty at not stopping the demise of the Weimar republic. Also given that many journalists pretend to be anti-establishment they skunk around to anoint the latest fad in the vain hopes of épater les bourgeois.
    Deep down the journalists think they’ll possess influence in shar’ia world and actually believe they’ll be able to moderate the excesses through exposés.
    If media bias were sysmatically and ruthlessly exposed, alot of journolos would either be in jail or working at Walmart.

  3. zero–

    Umm…do they get a trial first or do we just head straight to anarchy? Just asking.


    They wouldn’t make it at Wal-Mart. Not friendly enough.

  4. Zero, you had me up to the goebels bit. I agree with that much. The thing is, when I hear people saying that the only solution to a problem is killing people, my only reaction is to run a swedish mile.

    That’s a long way.

    Death is a necessary and unfortunate consequence of war, but it shouldn’t be relished and shouldn’t be considered a first response. Calling for the murder ofjournalists or politicians would make us no better than the people we’re fighting. In fact it would make us worse, because we start from a position of knowledge about the consequences of such acts.

    But enough of that. They deserve a certain amount of retribution. Perhaps the best would be to realise what their actions have caused, because guilt can destroy a man in ways that torture and assault simply can’t reach.

  5. Dymphna:


    Umm…do they get a trial first or do we just head straight to anarchy? Just asking.

    Does Israel give trials to Hamas terrorists?

    And remember that BBC reporters have openly said they stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Hamas.

    My personal guess is that it would be easy to find out that they have been passing along information to the Islamonazis and also knew of attacks in advance and said nothing.

    This makes them accomplices, and thus no trial is needed.

  6. Archonix:

    I’m not calling for the killing of journalists.

    I’m calling for the killing of terrorists.

    These “journalists” are whitewashing Islamonaziism, and whipping up genocidal hatred against Jews, and then justifying the murder of Jews (and Americans, and all other infidels).

    They are the “information war” arm of terrorism, and they need to be crushed every bit as much as those who strap bombs to themselves.

  7. zero–

    Consider that your last bit of ‘free speech’ on this thread concerning your obsession. Take it over to Archonix’ place or to your therapist but no more incitements to murder here in my house.

    I will not permit you to smear our reputation with your ugly words. You are here as a privlege and we are privleged to have you. But not with ugly talk.

    Nor am I patient and forbearing like the Baron — more akin to that batty Queen in “Alice.”

    Consider yourself warned:next time, the garbage can.


  8. What is it with world-wide leftist journalists? (Sorry for the redundancy). Do they get some kind of inoculation in graduate school which makes them immune to reality? Are they all such ditzes that when they spin the news this way, they end up a bit wobbly themselves?

    The answer to your questions are : Yes and yes

    So, Dymphna, OT, why do you have a problem with the Tridentine Mass?

  9. I didn’t answer the first question in your paragraph: “What’s with”
    The answer is maybe simpler than one might think: Just as there was a long struggle for the Church to establish its authority in Europe, and a late 1700s to early 1900s struggle to establish a secularised Christianity as the dominant force in Western society, I believe that we are probably nearing the end of a ‘WWI to the near future’ struggle in which an amoral and totally secular mentality has displaced the previous secularised Christian cultural dominance.

    The ‘divides’ of these struggles are not absolute; the next one begins before the previous struggle has ended. So, as the last dying traces of Christian values dry up and are pushed to the margins of Western cultures, the new struggle has already begun ( and you all know what this one is ): The struggle of Islam against Europe, paralleled by the struggle of Third World peoples & cultures to force a transformation of American and Canadian and Australisn cultures

    What we see around us is the last embers of What Was as amoral pagan secular narcissism takes over, along with the rapid rise of militant Islam in Europe.

    Neither of these battles is fun to watch, are they? We ( okay, maybe is’s just me ) I’ve lost one, and believe I am likely to lose the other.

    Well, ‘D’….. that IMHO is ‘what’s with those Nederlander assholes. That’s our world now. Ain’t it fun?

    oro pro nobis…..

  10. Janos Hunyadi —

    That’s not merely OT, it’s a non sequitir, me boy.

    I’m not going into a disquisition on the Tridentine Mass on this thread. No way.

    Go read Aidan Kavanaugh’s Elements of Rite, which is basically a compilation of texts from Vatican II.

    For the simple answer, though, things change. Even rites and rituals we’re used to. It’s a question of “adapt or die.”

    Have you noticed how some people age gracefully and some hang onto an earlier ossified age with gnarled, white-knucked fear?

    The first group went with the changes and even adapted them, not always felicitously, but with renewed enthusiasm (don’t forget “enthusiasm” means “to be filled with God”). A hundred years after Vatican II the Roman rite will have settled into a more permanent and elegant form, something closer to the original and yet new.

    Ora pro nobis to you, too. Or, as my mother, when she was but a wicked wee bairn, used to say, ” oh, wrap your nose up.” Even in her seventies, with Latin long gone, that phrase made her laugh.

    Go read Kavanaugh. Or visit a monastery — find the timeless in scared time.

  11. Heh. That was meant to read “find the timeless in sacred time”…but given your pessimissim, “scared” was a good Freudian slip.

  12. Ja, and you and the Baron are Eternal Optimists, yes? You post streams and rivers of Stuff demonstrating that it’s pretty much All Fall Down, and then dismiss everything I say with a “heh”. ?

    I don’t need to be told to read a book about Vatican II–I lived through it. I have mixed feelings, and I noticed a prior comment of yours which attacked anyone who had any attachment to the ‘old ways’

    I didn’t want a “disquisition”; an intelligent response would have sufficed

    Instead, I get cliches: Don’t you even know that Freud was so full of shite he felt compelled to admit it in his bio–the one his acolytes tried for years to stifle?

  13. Janos —

    I like you so far. Traditional Catholic myself (or, as they used to say, a Catholic); nothin but Tridentine, and nuts to Vatican II. (Shakes fist) As St. Anthony said: “Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our time religion would be simple, but in their day the Church needs to be brought up to date. When the Church and the World are one, then those days are at hand, for Our Lord placed a barrier between His things and the world.”

    Zero —

    Wow. There is a little bit of a lack of moral equivalency here. You don’t honestly think that lefty moonbat journalists are on the same level as Hezbollah and Hamas, do you? I don’t exactly equate a slanted news broadcast with videotaping and distributing footage of your fellow madmen decapitating a soldier.

    Feels a bit unfair posting this here though, since you can’t respond. Feel free to reply on my blog. But generally try and avoid fatwas.

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