No More “Fatwa Fridays”

Dennis Mitsubishi has caved to the mau-mauing of CAIR. There will be no jihad-mocking commercials on Columbus area radio stations.

This is very depressing. Between the surrender of Dennis Mitsubishi, the groveling of the Pope, and the pre-emptive self-censorship of a German opera house, it seems that the entire West is ready to roll over as soon as a mob of angry Muslims starts screaming. Or even before it starts screaming.

The next time something like this comes up — and you know it will — let’s mount a grassroots blog campaign to counter CAIR. If a couple of the big blogs like LGF got on it, and the rest of us responded, it could make a difference.

We could have been posting Dennis Mitsubishi’s phone number, and urging everyone to call the dealership to express their support. People who live in the Columbus area could have promised to buy their next car there. It would have made it easier for those poor guys to resist the pressure from CAIR.

Instead we just sat around picking our toes in our pajamas. Next time we’ll know better…

13 thoughts on “No More “Fatwa Fridays”

  1. You know, with incidents like this one, day after day, where we surrender our freedoms – of speech, of assembly, of religion – to these Nazi goons, I’ve come to the conclusion we don’t have the stomach to fight this year after year, decade after decade. Especially when our media and schools are dominated by people who hate our culture and support the Islamists.

    We will lose the War on Terror, and be forced either to go to nuclear war with these people, or live as slaves.

    If you have ever seen Robert Ferrigno’s website:

    for a glimpse of a Sharia America, I think I’d rather choose nuclear war.

  2. Me too, zerosum.

    Exactly WHAT would have been the cost to Dennis Mitsubishi of telling CAIR to take a hike? What?

    Some people just need to grow a pair.

  3. “We will lose the War on Terror, and be forced either to go to nuclear war with these people, or live as slaves.”
    We will lose the war and we will live as slaves.
    Because the choice between slavery and war isn’t ours to make. Our elected representatives decide those things and we have no way of ensuring that they have the necessary courage and commitment before voting for them. The choice is between fast-surrender cowards or blowhard slow-surrender cowards.

    We’re losing the war right now, as the islamists prepare the ground by stifling free speech and forcing us to accept their interference in our culture.

  4. KG-

    So few have been directly touched by the Anti-Jihad War thus far that it is unknowable what the real reaction of the majority will be until they start feeling something deadly impinge upon their own liberties.

    That’s when the true nature of the West’s fiber will be revealed.

    Each little erosion of our resistance to the Islamo-intimidation, like this, sloughs off more of the delusional ‘skin’ now insulating the majority in the West from painfully confronting the violent, intolerant dogmas of the pedophile “prophet”.

    We’re nearing the nerve endings of more people, daily, and, at some point, they will either rouse and revolt or fail this Great Challenge to Freedom.

    Spread the dread.

    Wake the sleepwalkers.

    Give Korans for Christmas.

    Do what you can until we shall all be forced to do what we must.

  5. profitsbeard, by the time people wake up we’ll already have laws and customs in place which will have altered our society beyond recognition. Those laws will be very, very difficult to repeal especially in the face of a co-ordinated, intense campaign by those who stand to benefit from them.
    Islamists will first grab the levers of local power, then State powers. Every creeping assault on our liberties will be couched in terms which will be irresistible to those who simply want a quiet life, without conflict.
    Because conflict at the local level is far harder to deal with than at the international level. After all, we’d be at odds with our neighbours and workmates.
    Where I live-not the U.S. by the way-people get their “news from television and hopelessly biased, shallow newspaper reporting. They have no idea of what’s happening and are unlikely to get one before its too late.

  6. Another cave in.

    If a brash confrontational mid west car salesman, after exposing hisself in such a brazen way, then caves in to PC, then there is no bottom to the abyss. And is it the islamoids, riots in Pakistan, threats from Al Qaida that made him cave? Or was it our own pussified society?

    Incidentally, Kinky Friedman is taking a hammering for having used publically the N-word 26 years ago. Undeniably racist, see? Though Kinky is very un-PC, he still feels it necessary to make excuses (it was part of a joke) and denials (I am not a racist) in this matter instead of saying its irrelvant and moving on.

    There is a moral here. We know the PC is rooted deep in the political left. The leftish media also breathes the stuff. But between the pope and the car salesman and the Jewish comedian its even clearer than usual that PC and “tolerance” has penetrated everywhere else too, including folks who should be bastions of tradition, conservatism or individualism.

    For once, I agree with zero, stories like this make me think that we are well and truely f***ed. Lawrence Auster is right, the real enemy is within. That one is hard to nuke.

  7. People who came before us did more and faced greater danger then we do now.

    Why would you want to give up before the fight has even realy started ?

    If the goverments will not defend the people, they will have to defend themselves. There is nothing new in that. I havent given up on our goverments. They are just slow to realize what is going on.

    I Imagine we will see resistance comming from all sorts of unlikely places. And things might start to happen very very fast. When the people of the west will no longer hold back their demons. When the left realizes, that they will also go down with the ship. When the time comes, we might need to do everything we posibly can to soften the blow.

    The word on the street is:”We are not going to take it anymore”.

  8. phanarath-

    That’s the sense I get, too, from those who aren’t obliged to toe the p.c. line …because they are just working and living, not running for- or from– anything.

    Keep the faith, and your powder dry.

    We’re all in this for the long haul.

    He who laughs, lasts.

  9. I just don’t think that the Pope really backed down. Some reports are playing it that way, but not if you look at his actual words. In fact, he (in his own way) called Muslims on their violent reaction to being called violent and then basiclly demanded that Islam wil be respected only if Christians are shown respect by Muslims. And they didn’t see him as submitting, which is rather more to the point.

    Still, I think that mockery a la the Mitsubishi AD is a must for us at this point. Muslims need to know that we are free to mock them and will, regardless of their tantrums. But at least I know now the steps to take to get CAIR to condemn me. I’ve even asked them, and they just won’t. I feel like such a nobody…..sigh….

  10. I realize this is a side issue, but there isn’t a scene in Idomeneo as written where someone staggers onstage with the heads of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and Poseidon. That would be part of the obnoxious trend of thrusting political and social commentary where they don’t belong, doing violence to the original context of the opera, and as such, should have been self-censored on the grounds of taste. That they did it on the basis of not offending Islam is irritating, but I can’t quite bring myself to care so much in this instance.

  11. I bet CAIR threatened to raise a stink with Mistubishi Motors, threatened to pull his franchise, etc. You know CAIR, slime terrorists, the Fifth Column inside our country. They will cheat, lie and whine their way to the top and kill us all as they snicker at our foolish appeasement.

    I wonder if Bush and Condi will have their Ramadan dinner with CAIR like they do every year? Have your barf bags ready.

  12. We could bring you to your knees: Mush

    LONDON: General Musharraf has mixed rank self-righteousness with a remarkably stark warning to the West that it could be ‘brought to its knees’ if Pakistan withdraws its cooperation in the so-called war on terror.

    ………But sources here said Musharraf’s passionate defence of his country and its infamous intelligence agency early on Saturday morning was yet again undermined after Mumbai’s police chief firmly blamed the ISI for planning the 7/11 train blasts.

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