Taqiyya for Fun and Prophet

Planck’s Constant has an excellent explanation for the photo-shopping of the war in Lebanon:

It’s not photoshopping, it’s al-taqiyya.

He’s right, of course. Not only is the photoshopping taqiyya, but the picture bites from all those Palestinians – oops, all those poor Palestinians being massacred here and there by the wicked Israelis are also examples of blatant lies taqiyya.

Whether it’s Jenin, or the Gaza beach, or the checkpoints where children are killed by evil Joos, it’s all taqiyya, all the time. If any one of these “victims” told me the sun was shining, I’d still go to the window to look.

In Western culture, we call this pathological lying. In Islam, at least when engaged with the infidel or with some sect of Islam you don’t agree with, taqiyya is not only allowed, it is considered a virtue. Don’t forget this is the religion that gave us assassination.

This may be a chasm we can’t bridge. Rather like the chasm between the MSM and reality…and in the case of “journalists” it’s always a good idea to verify, using at least three sources. In the event you’ve been out of the loop for a bit, and missed the Pallywood video, go here. This is a pluperfect example of taqiyya in action. It will prepare you well for any “news” out of Lebanon -or the whole Middle East, for that matter.

Florida SquirrelAnd be sure to check out the wonderful photoshopping on Planck’s Constant, linked above. My favorites? The ancient little squirrel in her slippers, using her walker to get around, and the two-legged Muslim horse. Depending on your gender, you may prefer his pictures of feminine pulchritude – as in Scarlett Johansson, who is not photoshopped, though on the other hand she may have done a little enhancement here and there. But that’s Hollywood, not Pallywood’s taqiyya.

Just ignore P.C.’s apologies for photoshopping and his claim that he’s ashamed. That picture of George Bush is fine work, and he knows it. Such assertions are but another example of taqiyya, if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “Taqiyya for Fun and Prophet

  1. My wife loves the squirrel.

    Of course LGF shows once again the power of the blogosphere. But I also wanted to mention GOV’s influence. This past week I visited a few blogs that I haven’t seen in over a year where the authors, generally on the right side of the spectrum, weren’t willing to swallow the fact of a broad jihadist threat when I argued with them way back then. Now I noticed they are in the front of tying the events in Lebanon with the broader jihadist movement. And I notice references to and quotes from your humble abode here in the blogosphere.

    A patient, calmed, and reasoned approach pays off in the long run. Now let’s see the hare with a walker …

  2. Lying is sanctioned by Islam. Not coincidentally, the Devil’s native tongue is the lie. Oh hey, I did a little write up on the Demonic Convergence thread y’all had a little while back. Check it out!

  3. Dymphna, the publication of altered photos by the media for the purposes of furthering a political agenda is nothing new. I was a logger working in the Pacific Northwest through the 70’s and 80’s. During that time, I came across a number of examples where groups like the Sierra Club and later, Green Peace and Earth First! put out for media publication, altered photos and/or photos that were not of the place, time or of the people the caption associated with those photos would indicate. Unfortunately, unless you were a logger or lived and worked in the woods, and were personally acquainted with the locations or subjects of these published photos and stories, you would have never known that they were false.

    The sad truth about the M$M is that this sort of practice has been going on for decades. But now, thanks to the blogosphere, these practices, which over the years have trashed the lives of a lot of innocent hardworking people, are finally being exposed.

  4. Well, those environmentalists practice a form of religious belief kind of like animism…and their lies are a version of “the ends justify the means.”

    In the MSM, my favorite Katrina taqiyya was that dumb blonde paddling the canoe — and when someone else pulled back and caught the whole scene, the street was in an inch or two of water.

    These people are criminals.

  5. Stalin invented the first and worst form of this “photo-retouching” as “politically incorrect” members of the original “inner sanctum” of the communist Party were expertly “painted out” of historical Red Square group shots. Removed when “reactionary” bigwigs like Trotsky, etc. fell from Marxist grace.

    (An ironic ice axe in tropical Mexico later completed the “permanent revolutionary” excision.)

  6. It’s always an honor to get mentioned in your posts. Thank you very much.

    Ad yes, it was extremely difficult to get that little bugger to put on those slippers.

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