Yesterday we posted a letter from Patrik Ingelmo, a recent Swedish immigrant to the United States, who gave a first-hand account of the effects of unfettered Muslim immigration on Swedish culture. The day before that we featured translations of Norwegian articles about the expanding “no-go zones” — enclaves of immigrant lawlessness — in Oslo.

Here is a young, intelligent, articulate Swede who has come to America to get away from the stranglehold that multiculturalism has on Sweden. America is the better for it; Sweden is the worse.

Sweden is farther down the road towards Eurabia, but Norway is moving along fast enough in the same direction. The HonestThinking post expressed the fear that parts of Oslo would soon become like the Swedish city Malmö, which is notorious for its violent immigrant strongholds.

I presume that many Norwegians are as anxious to escape from Norway as Swedish emigrants have been to leave Sweden. Record numbers of educated middle-class people are leaving the Netherlands for places like Canada and New Zealand. As the Islamicization of Europe heats up, look for this process to accelerate.

It’s too bad that American immigration policy makes it so difficult for these folks to get into the United States; we would welcome them. You’d think that Swedish engineers, Norwegian biologists, and Dutch entrepreneurs would offer a net gain to American society.

Instead, for some reason, we prefer illiterate fruit-pickers from Oaxaca who speak no English over Scandinavian college graduates who are already fluent in our language. It’s very strange.

But, in any case, these good people are escaping to the Anglosphere, and more power to them.

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As Scandinavia hemorrhages its native population, scattering its best and brightest to greener pastures abroad, it imports more poor Third World immigrants, mainly Muslims, to take up the slack. Since the most intelligent and enterprising are the ones who are leaving, native Scandinavians left behind are likely to be more timid, complacent, and compliant. These are the raw material upon which the existing multicultural regime depends. They’re the sheep who won’t look up.

With the departure of its vibrant middle class, society becomes a hollowed-out shell. The élite members of the nomenklatura remain to run the existing system, jury-rigging an increasingly creaky welfare state and living off its perks. At the other end of the scale are the poor — the Muslim immigrants in their ever-enlarging no-go zones, and the remnants of the native working class, declining demographically and living in fear of the newcomers.

It is a disheartening spectacle to watch, this self-immolation of the once-great civilizations of the North. Denmark offers an alternative, but its neighbors will have to start imitating it soon if the process is to be reversed.

The downward slide towards Scandislamia can only accelerate if nothing is done to interrupt this vicious circle. The system steadily becomes more brittle; one day it will snap.

At that point all the Commissions Against Racism and the Inclusiveness Workshops will be of no avail. The Islamists have no interest in such nonsense. They will brush Multiculturalism aside like an annoying fly.

How “multi” will the culture of Scandislamia be?

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  1. “How “multi” will the culture of Scandislamia be?”

    Hans Hauge, an islamocritical scholar writing in the Jyllands-Posten, recently wrote “multi always becomes mono,” referring to the precedents of history.

    So will the ethnic Scandinavians be subsumed into the totalitarian mono(lith), will they exist as dhimmi marginal leftovers from a past that is fading into obsolescence – or will they simply cease to exist as physical entities?

  2. As a Dane who loves the Sweden that was – and now Norway on the same decline – I sometimes find comfort in re-reading Tolkien. I imagine Europe as Middle Earth, where I live in the Shire – a place so tiny and insignificant that nobody notices it and its inhabitants. The Shire is surrounded by cultures falling apart and gradually surrendering to the dark forces of the Master Ring (Crescent Moon). In the distant country of Mordor (Iran) the Black Emperor Saruman (“Dinnerjacket”) radiates his evil will through Nazguls (Hezbollah), Balrogs (Hiz-but-Tahrir) and Orcs (Imams). All those gory forces gradually infiltrate all the lands and souls, even Mirkwood (Norway) and the mines of Moria (Sweden). All this with the help of useful idiots and traitors like Saruman (Persson).

    In the book, the Middle Earth survives, thanks to those little, ridiculous Hobbits, but in the real world……?

  3. Record numbers of educated middle-class people are leaving the Netherlands for places like Canada and New Zealand.

    I have read several articles in the press about Dutch emigration, and invariably they mention Canada, Australia and New Zealand (and often South Africa) as destinations, but never the U.S. However, a lot of Dutch are migrating to the U.S.; the press simply doesn’t mention it. (Perhaps they assume that Dutch emigrants can’t survive in a society without a completely suffocating welfare state, and so they don’t bother to check.)

    According to one of the charts in this article from Statistics Netherlands, there is considerably more Dutch emigration to the US than to Australia, Canada or New Zealand (which doesn’t even make the top ten destinations). The U.S. has the fifth-largest population of Dutch emigres, trailing only Belgium, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands Caribbean. (The latter is presumably substantially retirees or returning immigrants.)

  4. kepiblanc-

    In this case would the “ring” be a diaphram?


    The fleeing Dutch should consider Puerto Rico as an intermediary position, between the Nederlander islands in the area and the mainland U.S., since they would be “in America” on that lovely isle, but still be close to friends from Aruba and St. Maarten, etc.

    The Hollanders have always been good neighbors and strong friends.

    (Maybe someone in Amsterdam needs to raise a statue of Theo Van Gogh, at the harbor’s edge, waving goodbye?)

  5. Baron,

    I have to come to the defense of the illiterate fruit pickers of Oaxaca here.

    Poor and unskilled they may be, but I think in many ways they are in fact more compatible with America than educated Europeans.

    a) They usually have a better work ethic. This isn’t an ethnic thing, it’s just that poor schmuck from Chiapas did not grow up in cradle-to-grave welfare state where 35- hour weeks and being unionized was the norm.

    b) Their lack of formal education may actually be a blessing — so much of public education here and even more so, in Europe, is little more than marxist, multicultural indoctrination. Many of those “educated” Europeans have swallowed this stuff whole.

    c) That poor fruit picker is more likely to be religious and morally conservative than the atheist, secular and often anti-religious educated European.

    d) Finally Baron, the political spectrum in Europe is shifted so far to the left that letting in millions of Europeans that are even conservative by THEIR standards would be adding millions of liberal/left Democrats to the voter rolls. Bush got 43% of the Latino vote in 2004; I doubt he get 1/4 of the European immigrant vote.

    Admit millions of Europeans here, and you will create a political situation what will create — a new Europe!

  6. I know you don’t intend it this way but, damnit, all this talk about people sounds like gloating. I’m getting tired of it. Fortunately for all concerned I’ll be away for a few weeks, which should give me a level head when I come back. Hopefully…

    But, however it’s put across, these people leaving is not the good thing you want it to be. They’re running away rather than trying to deal with the problem. It’s perfectly human to run away, and god knows I probably would in other circumstances, but I’m now tied by marriage to Sweden, and by a rather tenuous possibility of ancestry, and I refuse to see these countries fall, and it ains me to hear you almost celebrating when people leave them. What chance do we have if our best and brightest abandon these lands?

    And you, zero, I’m just sick of your harping. You’re as bigoted as the muslims they’re running from, you just disguise it in nicer language.

  7. Evan, Profitsbeard & Archonix —

    Maybe I can understand that people are leaving countries that are already lost, such as Sweden, but The Netherlands ? – Isn’t there a dawning resistance ? – At least that’s what I hear. And – as a reaction to the anti-semitic article by the Norwegian nazi, Gaarder, the whole country is in turmoil.

    And – with respect to those fleeing to America : I think you’re better off staying here and take the fight now rather than postpone it. Ever heard of the US citizen who in 1941 wanted to evade the war ? – He moved to Guadalcanal….

  8. Zero.. You totaly missunderstand the whole thing. The people who move, are people who want to get away from the welfarestates. People who no longer want to pay extremely high taxes just to fund the destruktion of their own countries.

    Personaly I am with Archonix on this – Not going anywhere. This battle is far from lost. In very many ways, it has not even startet.

  9. I have to agree with Archonix here..

    Zero, you tar everyone here with the same brush – your brush. I’m here to tell you, your brush is worn out, you haven’t enough tar and frankly I think you should get professional help.

    Drop the bigotry son, and the harping.

  10. Regardless of political affiliation we need to stop, in its tracks, ethnic immigration.

    Islam is only the problem of the moment; it is certainly not the only group engaged in ghettoization. Our political and social existence in the West is being turned on its head through racial voting, enforced social nihilism and an increasing disconnect between civil and political life.

    The more ethnic scandinavians who come here the better. It will at least begin to alleviate, to some small extent, the mess we are creating for ourselves here in North America.

  11. Exile and Archonix:

    What harping? What bigotry?

    Is it bigoted to point out that the welfare state creates a diminshed work ethic? It’s rather odd that you denounce me for it when Fjordman wrote that very idea about Sweden right here at Gates of Vienna very recently. Are you going to denounce Fjordman as a bigot?

    Is it not true that Europeans are far less religious and far less church-going than Americans? Are you disputing this? Do you deny that this is a crucial difference — perhaps THE crucial difference between America and Europe? It is rather odd that you consider this bigotry, since both Baron and Dymphna see America’s religious foundation as its key to withstanding Islamofascism, and they see a religious revival in Europe as something necessary to stop an Islamofascist takeover of the continent. Would you accuse them of bigotry and harping?

    Also, would you disagree with my assertion that Europe is well to the left of the USA politically? Am I wrong to assume that German or Italian Christian Democrats, or French Gaullists (all defined as conservative in Europe) believe in a level of state intervention that would make them Democrats here?

    What in any of the above assertions is wrong?

    You seem tired with my criticisms of Europe. There is a lot to criticize about Europe — and I’m not the only one who says it — the economy is anemic, there is an Islamic demographic time bomb, the continent is increasingly run by an anti-democratic bureaucracy, freedom of speech is being stripped away, and yes, near and dear to my heart — antisemitism is growing, and not just among Muslims.

    Given all of the above criticisms, I stick with my assertion that Europeans would generally be a better fit as immigrants in nations with stronger currents of Socialism and political correctness, such as Canada or New Zealand. I also believe that a large European influx to America would create a large political shift to America that I, as a conservative, do not want to see. That’s not bigotry. It’s an honest assertion that I think many people on the political right believe.

    The two of you seem to think that this type of criticism is bigotry. May I ask what type of criticism of Europe that you do NOT consider bigotry?

  12. Zerosumgame —

    I might agree with you about the illiterate Mexicans, except for one thing: under the current multi-culti regime, they will not assimilate. They won’t learn English, and their children won’t learn it very well. I have read academic studies which demonstrate the language deficiency of Mexican immigrants here, to at least the second generation.

    They will be ghettoized, which is bad for them, and bad for us. The Europeans assimilate easily.

    And I agree with Phanarath — I know both Dutch and Swedish immigrants, and they came here, shed the welfare mentality like an old coat, and became normal entrepreneurial Americans.

    In fact, my Dutch acquaintance has lost all her interest in the Old Country. I had to tell her about Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh, etc. — she pays no attention to the news from the Netherlands. She’s pure American now.

  13. Baron,

    I am not unfamiliar with living with educated European immigrants. I live in central New Jersey, in a suburban area where we have a lot of European Ph.Ds due to the proximity of several universities and pharmaceutical research facilities.

    The ones I have had a chance to talk to at length (a fair number in my years here) have overwhelmingly been liberal/left and hostile to Bush, Republicans and Israel. And remember, these are mostly the scientist and engineering types, who tend to be the less lefty ones.

  14. Archonix —

    I hate the thought of Eurabia. I loathe the idea of shari’ah in the Yorkshire Dales.

    It just seems to be what’s in store for Europe, if people there don’t start waking up. It’s frustrating because I’m over here and can’t do a thing about it except read Fjordman!

    In order to avert the train wreck, someone has to shout, “Look out! There’s a train coming!” I guess I’m one of them.

  15. I have to say that I’m also with archonix here on both counts.

    Running away isn’t the solution here, it will only end up making the situation worse for all concerned! Europe must be defended and win this war against the muslims and their collaborators — the leftwing politicians! If Europe falls it is only a matter of time before the onslaught moves on to the rest of the world. Bad as the muslims are they aren’t the dangerous enemy at this point, it’s the leftwing politicians and muslim sympathizers, since they control a sizeable chunk of the political opposition, in most Western countries even in the places that are now, holding out against the muslim demographic conquest, and could very well be elected into power at the next election! So no place is safe, the US would most likely turn into a very bad place to be if the Democrats wins the next presidental election, particularly if it’s with the new breed of “Democrats” like Ned Lamont at the helm!

    So the best strategy is to stay and fight to good fight where you are at home, where you have your network of friends and family… and start waking people up! Show them what they are up against and help and support political and other movements that are fighting for democracy and liberty. In places like Denmark it is still relatively easy to do this and our way seems to be helping stem the tide, thanks in large part to “Dansk Folkeparti” (Danish People’s Party) who have made it possible to have an open debate in Denmark about the immigration problem (irregardless of what else you might think about their policies in other areas). In Sweden and Norway this debate have not yet taken place outside of closed circles and the political establishment are actively trying to shut down the debate, so for Swedes and Norwegians the best way to help open this debate is to support Sverigesdemokraterne (Sweden Democrats) and Fremmskritspartiet (Progress Party) who are trying to open that debate in the other Scandinavian countries. Another way to help is to start your own blogs or supporting existing local ones and help getting people started on the track of learning about the dangers.

    The battle is far from won, but it is also far from over. Remove the political support for Islam, multi-culturalism and relativism, as well as political correctness and the whole thing will start to collapse…. Work for democracy and liberty and against fascism and undemocratic supernational structures, like the EU and the UN!

    Oh I better stop here or I could go on all night, but I guess you all get the point!

  16. Zerosumgame —

    You proved my point. You live in NJ, and the immigrants are liberal. I live right smack in the middle of the sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia, the Old Dominion, a place with a concealed-carry law, a libertarian sort of place. And the immigrants are conservatives.

    Environment is thus obviously a factor.

  17. What harping? What bigotry?

    The bigotry is taking this sterotype of “europeans” that you’ve picked up an applying it to all of the people on this side of the pond. You know nothing. You’ve met a few people who are tenured at universities or employed there – places that are hardly known for their right-wing thought, I should add – and apply that to everyone.

    I realise saying this next thing will lower me in our sight, but I am very well travelled. I have been to the US, I have travelled to several countries in europe, and I have been up and down my small country many times. We are not this homogenous mass you make us out to be.

    The harping should be obvious, but I’ll lay it out anyway. You keep saying these same things: that europe is doomed, that we somehow deserve it and there comes the implication, above all, that you are somehow better than us for seeing this. Well let me tell you, friend, I have seen it up close and very personal and yet I still believe that we can pull ourselves out of this.

    Of course a welfare state is soul-destroying, and of course we’re dominated by left-wing ideaological nihilism, but you try living in a country that’s been dominiated by these ideas for nearly a century and then tell me how easy it is to change those ideas. IT doesn’t happen overnight. It is happening now, albeit slowly. Leaving doesn’t help. Unnecessary and unhelpful criticism – harping – doesn’t help.

    I stand by what I said. You have decided, against a great deal of evidence, that europeans as a group are that dreaded german phrase untermensch. Lesser men. Inferiors worthy of only your scorn.

    Once again I find myself withdrawing from the fight, because I’ve simply had enough. And this after just two comments. 🙂 I need to save my energy for a real fight, not all this bitter wrangling.

    Apologies to baron for polluting his thread. 🙂

    INcidentally, baron, my original point was more about my feelings than your post. I agree, it’s frustrating, but gains are being made very slowly. This eurabia won’t come to pass, not if I and people like me can help it.

  18. Zero..
    Comparing your arguements to Fjordman is like comparing a match with a full blown forest fire. Fjordman explores the nuances in his arguements and makes his point brilliantly.. He is not merely repetetive.
    But carry on.. be my guest.
    Same old same old.

    I had a cracked record once.. I threw it away.

  19. “I might agree with you about the illiterate Mexicans, except for one thing: under the current multi-culti regime, they will not assimilate.”

    Baron, it goes beyond “under the current multi-culti regime, they will not assimilate” — they don’t have to assimilate. A Mexican immigrant, illegal or not, can get by fine in many parts of the country with no need to assimilate. One does not even have to live in a “classic” barrio. Unlike immigrants from most parts of the world, an Hispanic immigrant (especially Mexican) can just turn on his TV to get his news, entertainment and sports. He can find restaurants, supermarkets and auto dealers that cater to people of his culture. And, as noted by your “current multi-culti regime” comment, he will catered to by the government in terms of schooling (e.g. the idiocy of bilingual education), healthcare (clinics oriented toward Latino – really meaning Mexican – immigrants) and the legal system (free translators and Spanish-speaking lawyers).

    In other words, he can live in the U.S. without having to leave Mexico.

  20. Zero et al.,

    Perhaps the US should encourage the immigration of entrepreneurial and/or working-class Europeans while keeping out the professional and bureaucratic elites–those formed by European higher educational systems.

    As for Mexicans in the U.S., my (second-hand) impression is that not only are there the assimilation problems just referred to, there is also great potential for the rise of secessionist political movements.

  21. kepiblanc:

    From where I’m looking, denmark doesn’t look like a tiny, insignificant place populated by hobbits. Looks more like the vikings are back. My bet is that there are plenty of swedes and norwegians gazing at denmark enviously, and wondering if it isn’t time to engage in a little of that good old-fashioned beserking.

  22. dick:

    Last I looked people from southern Sweden was looking towards Denmark for a job… Having a high unemployment rate in Sweden and Denmark lacking qualified workers! So yeah, there is some envy 😉

  23. To all you Europeans who stay and fight:
    Bravo! You deserve to be Americans, and I hope you never have to.
    Don’t pay too much attention to our gloomy Dr Zero; you’re not dead and buried by a long shot, You have a long, long history with many ups and downs in your fortunes.
    My own prediction is that owing to our oil friend mid-east oil, the good life we’ve all enjoyed will pretty much end. That means the narcotics of pretty cars to buy, foolish songs and entertainments to divert us, the salaried idleness of the office job, will wear off. And then you–and we–will wake up.
    As for the enemy that your parasite class invited into your nations, they will depart. Or be de-parted.
    Meanwhile, Dr Beans says eat right, get plenty of rest, build up your strength, for you will have work much to do.

  24. Guys…Europe do have a west part…but dont forget the east part. And lets think at Rusia as a part of Europe in this case. East Europeans did have a hard time (just 50 years of communism). East Europe I believe will never accept return to communism. East Europe is still deep in christian values. I’m a east european guy liveing in west Europe. When I first came here, I was shocked by muslims courage to shit on people. Usualy east Europeans to have many conflicts with muslims. I also had my share. In east Europe muslims dont have courage to do what they are doing here. They know what can happend to them. I see my wife’s country as my second country, my second home. If I must fight for my country, from east or west, I will. If I must die for my country, in east or west, I will. It is my home, here and there. Who dont defend his home, dont desearve to have it.

  25. Mario. Good man. I know Polish people here in Ireland and they have balls like you. Eastern Europe is our big hope against the muslim invaders.

  26. Let me speak for the European emigrants as I am one myself.

    Most of us left because we were unhappy of the way things were going in our leftist counrties, but we still have a very warm place in our hearts for the countries and people we left. When things get out of hand and ‘push comes to shove’ most of us will actively be involved by either information, finance, propaganda in the countries where we stay or some of us may even return to join the good fight.
    Maybe al those people that already left Western Europe could be called cowards but their families, friends and roots are back in Europe and most of them will definately protect them.

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