Missing Egyptian Student Found and Arrested

One of the missing “students” has been arrested in Minneapolis:

Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El-Dessouki, 21, was arrested “without incident” by FBI and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko said.

El-Dessouki is being held on an administrative immigration violation because he did not turn up for his monthlong exchange program at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont., Kolko said.

The other 10 students remain at large. They arrived in New York on July 29 as part of a group of 17 students. Six students reported to Bozeman on time.

And you know what’s coming next, don’t you?

The missing students pose no terrorism threat, Kolko said.

Methinks they do protest too much…

Hat tip: Commenter Allison.

5 thoughts on “Missing Egyptian Student Found and Arrested

  1. Dearest Baron:

    That should be …

    “Me thinks the lady doth protesteth too much”

    — Hamlet


    Raising gun owning, sharp shooting, Economically with-it, aware children, every day of the week,

  2. Dearest Baron:

    About that feared Saudi threat of Oil Embargo,
    …We’ll see how it goes in the next four weeks with the Alaskan Pipeline partial shutdown, and whether they make up the difference, during the mop up operations to the Litani River and Beyond. If we have to dip into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, things could then get dicey.

  3. We do not need to be dipping into our reserves at this time. Especially with what is going on around the world at this time. That oil may be needed in the very near future to insure our economy stays a float. Americans need to suck it up if we have to. I suggest we start contacting our senators and congressmen and tell them to get it approve to start drilling our reserves in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico. If they keep wasting time, and we end up in wars around the world, we may need every drop just to keep our military operating. It will take years just to get to this oil, and I fear we may not have that much time, and everyday we wait, just puts us at a greater risk.

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