Messing with the Press

A Reuters’ SUV got blammed by Israeli forces near the Gaza border on Saturday. Journalists were injured and the van isn’t faring so well, either:

Israeli aircraft fired two missiles early Sunday at an armored car belonging to the Reuters news agency, wounding five people, including two cameramen, Palestinian witnesses and hospital officials said.

The Israeli army said it did not realize the car’s passengers were journalists and only attacked because the vehicle was driving in a suspicious manner near Israeli troops in the middle of a combat zone.

Soo… while some Palestinian splinter group holds Fox News journalists captive [supposedly they will soon be let go by their captors, the Holy Jihad Brigade], Israel just happens to pound Reuters.

Seems to me that each side recognizes their own “good guys.”

Reuters BurnsMeanwhile, it is of interest to compare the tactics of the IDF with those of the Holy Jihad Brigade. The latter appears to have coereced “conversions” to Islam from the captives as a condition for their release. An interesting theological approach.

The IDF seems to prefer the direct method.

9 thoughts on “Messing with the Press

  1. isn’t reuters the same network involved in the fauxtography scandal and also reportedly refused to call even the 9/11 as terrorist attacks?

    /just asking?

  2. Now, if Israel would only take out the BBC people, which is the most dangerous purveyor of anti-semitic hate in the world.

    Far more dangerous in the west than Al-Jazeera or CNN, although I understand that CNNInt’l is pretty bad, too. (I just get the American version, which is bad enough.)

  3. so what about this…

    the palestinians KIDNAP american newspeople, create a NEW GROUP that actually is part of either hamas or fatah, arrange the meeting with the suit wearing hamas piece of crap prime minister who now takes credit for the release. The KIDNAPPED can only heap praises on the loving and wonderful palestinians who arranged for their safe release.

    How about this statement: The palestinians, sad that their terrorist battle with israel had been pushed to the back page, kidnaps additional people to bargin with, forces at gunpoint their conversion to islam, then in a kafka-like press release they said props (hostages) to the cheering swarms of palestinians.

    Fox news should be ashamed. How about a hard hitting piece about how the terrorist suit wearing prime minister of “that crap hole palestine” should be tried and executed for murder & kidnapping? Now foxnews has now been neutered…..

  4. After converting to Islam these fellows better not engage in any non-Muslim worship – that would make them apostates, and subject to the death penalty…
    But wait – doesn’t the Koran posit that “there is no compulsion in religion”? That means that these ‘conversions’ were invalid, so they dont have any worries on this score…
    But really, it would be better that they should be re-assigned to another news beat, just to play it safe…
    One never knows what’s coming down the pike from ‘the beautiful religion of peace’…

  5. To me, the real danger of the kidnapping is the chilling effect it will have on freedom of speech in the media.

    The Fox News guys were almost certainly kidnapped because Fox did not parrot (with the exception of their Limey, Jonathan Hunt), the Islamic and anti-Semitic propaganda of the BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera.

    This was a message to Fox to toe the politically, correct, Marxist/Islamist line in your reporting, or else.

    This is really the next logical step after the Islamists crushed freedom of speech over the Mohammed cartoons.

  6. I applaude your efforts at Gates of Vienna, and wish you all the best. I share your concerns and agree with your comments.

    Continue the good work!

  7. While I’m not sure if the armored news vehicle was actually hit by an Israeli missile, (I’ve seen the pictures) it’s possible that anyone outside of the truck could have been injured by a near miss. But anyone in a combat zone takes their chances and can’t complain about the results.

    But of course, that is not how the masses in the streets of Gaza and other ME areas will see it, or the other Jew haters in the U.S. and [e]urope as well.

    As for FOX, lets just wait and see what the journalist and the Cameraman have to say in the coming weeks.

    I’m thinking FOX will not change their methods or their bias because of this kidnapping. I’m more concerned that some people will believe that it was not a kidnapping that was most likely sanctioned by the PA if not actually executed by them.

    Papa Ray

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