Walking the Dog

Urine trouble, Saudi Arabia!Minut dropped us a note this morning in response to my post from last Thursday. He thanked us for our interest in his site, and said, “I think we Danes are ‘The Thin Red Line’.”

He also sent another poster for our enjoyment. Vulgar but effective, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

  1. What did I censor you for? The F-bomb?

    Normally I only censor for the f-bomb and a few other partcularly juicy words.

    Doggie widdle passes our censor, particularly since the illustration is not anatomically explicit…

  2. The bigger question is why you cannot discern the difference between non-explicit scatalogical humor and profanities. No, they are not the same thing. To even have to point this out borders on the absurd, but when people cannot reason on their own, they will be governed by others who can.

    The cartoon rocked. Dogs of the world unite! 🙂

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