Daniel Katz, the Editor-in-Chief of Middle-East-Info.org, has emailed us a few times requesting an exchange of links. Last night I finally got around to looking at his site, and I’m definitely going to put an icon for MEI on our sidebar.

The first thing that caught my eye was the introductory Flash animation, which features comparative statistics for Israel and the Arab countries plus Iran. The numbers are instructive:

Israel vs. the Arabs and Iran

In addition to the statistics shown above, the introduction informs us that the Arab countries and Iran have 750 times as much land area as Israel, 14.6 times the GDP, and two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves.

One comes away with the impression, and rightfully so, of a tiny beleaguered state of Israel surrounded by an implacable and much larger enemy.

But look what else is hidden in the statistics: The Israeli economy is almost 52 times as productive as that of the Arabs, based on land area. Given that — like their Arab cousins — the Israelis were bequeathed a chunk of rocky desert, but minus the oil, this figure is very impressive.

Also, on a per-capita basis, the Israelis are more than four times as productive as their Arab and Iranian neighbors. If oil were withdrawn from the calculation, how much higher do you think the figure would be?

Yet Israel spends twelve times as much per capita on its defense as do its neighbors — not surprising, given that some of those same neighbors are on the public record as intending to wipe Israel off the map.

And those are just the economic statistics. The less quantifiable comparisons are even more important: cultural vitality versus repressive backwardness, innovation versus stagnation, vibrant democracy versus ruthless autocracy, liberty versus subjugation — the list goes on and on.

As the MEI introductory page says:

Middle-East-Info.orgThe case for Israel should be apparent even to thoroughgoing supporters of the Palestinians. Who else has offered them a genuine future? Egypt? Jordan? Syria? Lebanon? The Gulf States? It takes only a cursory glance at the history of the Middle East to realize that for the most part, neighboring dictatorships have ruthlessly exploited the Palestinians for their own ends with callous indifference to the consequences. Israel, alone in the Middle East, has attempted to construct, with and for the Palestinians, a viable and peaceful future.

Israel’s strategy of winning Palestinian hearts and minds failed because Israeli carrots could never overcome the intimidation applied by Palestinian terrorist regime’s sticks.

Fundamentally, Israel is the target of these terrorist organizations and despotic regimes precisely because of its virtues:

  • Oasis of freedom in a desert of Arab and Iranian tyranny
  • Oasis of independent judiciary in a desert of Arab and Iranian arbitrariness
  • Oasis of women rights in a desert of Arab and Iranian women discrimination

There’s a wealth of material at Middle-East-Info.org; readers are advised to stop by and check it out. The site has a clickable map which leads to detailed information on each country.

But a warning is in order: if you are sensitive to brutal images, or have children with you watching your screen, you may not want to click through all the links, since MEI has not spared its readers the full range of visual truth to be found in the region’s Islamic countries. Arab brutality is so commonplace that mentioning it is almost banal, but its images are not. Prepare to be shocked.

3 thoughts on “Middle-East-Info.org

  1. Of course Muslim militaries are not
    normally used to engage others in
    combat but as an instrument of
    control and repression over the
    domestic population.

    Then there is the issue of quality
    in the forces sent to the field. It
    has been noted quantity itself is
    a form of quality, nonetheless, as
    a Civil War general noted, combat
    superiority is a matter of getting
    there first with the most. In this
    Israel excels.

    Israel maintains a superior combat
    capability over its neighbors not
    because of numbers but because it
    has advanced equipment in the hands
    of better trained soldiers led by
    superior commanders.

    While the courage of Muslims is not
    to be doubted when it comes to the
    modern battlefield fighting spirit
    is no match for technology in the
    hands of competant commanders.

    Let us hope the Muslim world never
    catches on.

  2. I doubt they will. The Muslims work on the principle of might makes right, and Mohammed was always obsessed with bringing more people to the battle than his opponents. This attitude has permeated the whole of Islam, to the point that the Iran-Iraq war wasn’t fought in terms of superior strategy, but in terms of who could throw the most meat in to the grinder. Every invasion of Israel was based on numerical superiority.

    Islam is ultimately a bumbers fame. It’s predicated on gaining the upper hand by converting or killing as many people as possible. It will never get past that simply because the book they venerate tells them this is how it should be.

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