The Filipina Lorena Bobbit

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam
Ah, sweet revenge:

A FILIPINA maid is under arrest in Saudi Arabia for chopping off the penis of her abusive employer, reports said yesterday.

According to a report in the Okaz daily, the 38-year-old employer allegedly snuck into the maid’s quarters after his wife had gone to sleep and tried to rape her. The Filipina managed to escape his advances, rushed into the kitchen and got a knife.

“Despite her weapon, the man attempted to assault the maid, who, in return, pulled a ‘Lorena Bobbit’ defense and cut off the man’s penis,” added Arab News, an English-language daily, referring to the New Jersey woman who cut off her husband’s sex organ with an eight-inch carving knife in a high-profile 1993 case. [New Jersey, Virginia, what’s the difference? — ed.]

More than one million Filipinos work in Saudi Arabia, most of them in the construction and housekeeping sectors. The kingdom remains a top destination for job-seeking Filipinos.

Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, many of them maids, are systematically abused and exploited, the New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch said in a July 2004 report.

The Saudi authorities strongly deny the charge.

The Saudis “strongly deny” reality, so what?

Meanwhile, Mr. Rapist — make that “alleged attempted rapist” — is recovering from the surgery to re-attach his brain penis. As the doctor said:

“This is a sophisticated operation. You are dealing with an organ in a difficult area and you want to try to return to its efficiency,” said a spokesman at Riyadh’s Takhassusi Hospital.


“It’s one of the rare cases … but they did it (the operation) last week and it went smoothly,” the spokesman said. “The hospital has done this kind of operation before, but only after people had car accidents.”

That organ is never going to be “efficient” again. The maid may die from the lashings, but she has saved the next maid who unwittingly enters servitude in that household.

Let’s see…how many clitoridectomies do we have to make up for? Well, that’s one less, anyway.

NOTE: Sorry, there weren’t any photos.

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  1. I couldn’t help but cringe. I knew the Baron didn’t post this.

    “how many clitorectomies do we have to make up for?” OK, those make me cringe, too.

  2. Tolstoy’s last major novel, Resurrection, is premised on a Russian nobleman who forces himself on his maid, gets her pregnant, and forces her into a “life of the streets.” Years later, when the consequences of his sexual aggression become clear to him, labors to make amends. (LT fathered a child through a servant, you know.) Call it misplaced aristocratic guilt if you want, I still think it’s an important novel.

    Now, I challenge anyone to produce an Arabic-language novel that treats this theme.

  3. This isn’t revenge, it’s self- defense in response to an imminent danger. I don’t understand why the Phillipines doesn’t do something to keep their citizens from going to work for these barbarians.

  4. Sue Bob, if the United States isn’t assertive when it comes to the Saudis, do ya really think the lowly Phillipines is going to be able to do something?

    The real scandal is that the Church has done so much to create a culture conducive to socialism, {which combined with wicked corruption} has made the Phillipines an economic basket case. It’s a damn disgrace, almost as much of a disgrace as Mexico.

    The Phillipines ought to register a formal request for assistance in Washington, AND DO IT PUBLICLY, force Congress to get involved, instead of allowing the State Department Arabists to squelch it. Were the Phillipines to do so, it would immediately trigger an avalanche of stories of American women who married some saudi dirtball, who promptly revealed his true muslim colours, much to the woman’s dismay.

    THAT’S the kind of pressure we want to see the Saudis literally OVERWHELMED BY.

    They’re our enemy, as much as anybody, and I want to hammer them as much as I want to hammer the Tehran mullahs, well not quite as much as the Tehran mullahs, but you get the idea….

  5. And Jim2006, it’s going to take more than novels to penetrate the hardened heart, mind and soul of islam, after 1,300 plus years.

    Other than the second coming, the only thing that will successfully alter islam, is the use of nuclear weaponry against them, and their cities, and their holy sites.

    And that’s a pretty grim and ugly thought, but look what it took to alter the Japanese, {2,000 years, and they had NEVER known defeat}.

    Islam takes actions barred by the Natural Law, and via the mandate of Mohammad’s life, and the Koran, such actions become licit, indeed, sometimes OBLIGATORY. That’s the type of pathology we’re dealing with.

  6. DanM:
    Sorry but using nuclear weapons against civilians no matter how depraved they are is utterly evil.
    What we need to do is to have the guts to denounce Moslem behaviour and cut off relations with them. No more allowing the kids to come to the West to learn; nor allow planes to land and expel the nonMoslem citizens. That they’ll foam at the mouth and ullate dire threats ™ is a given.

    Is the church to blame for the American administration’s spinelessnes in reading the Saudis the riot act? No then the church isn’t to blame for the Phillipines’ culture of corruption and impunity. Politicians are pretty comptent with lining their pockets

  7. When I was in Sandi Arabia (84-85), I had the chance to lunch with the Chief Nurse of Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Hospital, largest in Riyadh…

    Two hours of stories shared were eye-opening and stomach turning! (You have been warned, read no further!)

    Multi-kilo air shipments of amphetamines, coke, heroin and hash flying in aboard “prince’s” private planes, for their recreational needs; anti-biotics failing to work even THEN to fight VD in the “princes” or their many wives, to whom they carried the VD (which is NON-EXISTENT in KSA, just ask the gummint); 4-year-old children who can no longer hold in their feces, because they’ve been anally raped so often; armed guard stations INSIDE hospitals to keep the males from raping/molesting the females; 15 “royalty” per day, minimum, coming in for treatment for their ‘asthma’ (drug OD, drug reaction or drug addiction!)…

    This just the tip of the iceberg, and I am convinced it has NOT gotten better since 1985, with the continued absolute separation of male/female, the bizarre attitudes prevalent and the REFUSAL to deal with the MALE-DOMINANT (emphasis on DOMINATE!) culture now extant…

    I was glad to escape with my life. They KILL Baha’is, there…

  8. Xavier, you just denounced the method that saved millions of Japanese lives during World War II, not to mention hundreds of thousands of American lives.

    Besides, if you read CLOSELY, you would observe that I did NOT advice such action, I just offered the sad conclusion that the only thing that could produce the psychological shock wave sufficient to alter islam, and make it consistent with humanity, was nuclear weaponry.

    But as for your suggestion of completely isolating islam, sure, count me in. I’m all for it, I’m on board. Just at the end of the day, don’t be surprised that the jihadist ethos hasn’t changed one whit.

    And what then? Continuation of the same, for how long, and at what cost, while they continue to bleed us?

    As for the Church, I didn’t denounce the Church as the SOLE reason for the domination of lefty politics in the Philipines and Mexico, rather I said they played a key role in the creation of a culture where such a foolish economic message could find traction.

    I had a boyhood friend whose parents lived in Saudi Arabia for a while, {his father was an air traffic controller, they were an Irish Catholic family}. He went to visit them several times in Saudi Arabia. And I asked him about it. He absolutely hated it, hated them.

    And he WASN’T the kind of guy ever to voice such venom, or to even bother with those kinds of civilizational differences.

    But Xavier, if you have an answer to the age old strife, let’s hear it.

  9. sue bob, the Filipino workers abroad send money home (remittances is the fancy word for it), it helps the economy. Like Mexican immigrants and illegals in the US send dinero to Mexico.

  10. “Let’s see…how many clitoridectomies do we have to make up for? Well, that’s one less, anyway.

    NOTE: Sorry, there weren’t any photos”

    Mmmm. No argument that while the rapist swine seems to have got exactly what he deserved … gratuitous amusement at any horrific maiming seems weeeelll … unbecoming. Thats very PC you know, I mean the sort of shrill howl of harpy joy that feminist audiences greet any mention of male castration with.

    Should men giggle and wink at mention of FGM, like for instance Hirsi Ali? I think not.

    While vigorously respecting the right of saying or laughing at anything, no matter how offensive or vicariously sadistic, I just want to say some cheap shots are unworthy, and reflect badly on the otherwise worthy speaker. Those were some of them.

  11. Fellow Peacekeeper–

    That was gallows humor, not a “cheap shot.” The poor woman is probably going to get sentenced to a thousand lashes at least, and will be lucky to survive.

    Having worked with battered women for many years in this country, I am always amazed at how lightly it is treated by the courts. In a nearby town, a man who carefully planned and attempted to execute his estranged wife — all the way down to using a disguise — was given a ten year sentence. That means five years served at most…
    …if this woman is smart she will leave town, change her name and social security # and make elaborate plans to ever see her family again. Just to stay alive.

    I think gallows humor is appropriate in describing moments of extremis. If you don’t agree then you probably wouldn’t like Russian jokes, either. They perfected the form.

  12. sue bob–

    I agree it’s not *really* revenge — that is simply the emotion one feels in reading about the incident. Of course it was dire self-defense and she may pay for it with her life.

    The Philippines are caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is corruption and the hard place is poverty. They desperately need those billions in remittances the slaves send back to their families.

    Does this stink or what? Anybody feel inclined to adopt a Philippine family for what that maid gets paid a month? She gets about what the average latte drinker pays out in a month for his “fair price” coffee beans.

  13. Ah sorry then, me language may have let me down. This post seemed more bitter than humorous.

    Not enought smileys maybe :). I will try then :

    So, if he was cut while still conscious, does that make the meat hallal? 😀

  14. This used to be a favoured method of execution in turkey, only dancing girls were involved as well. Nasty way to go…

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