Happy Birthday to Dymphna

Happy Birthday to DymphnaToday is Dymphna’s birthday. She’s over 21, but not yet 100.

The future Baron and I got her The Force of Reason by Oriana Fallaci. We’ll probably be posting on it here in due course; it looks like an excellent book, based on the quick glance I got at it in Barnes and Noble.

Come to think of it, it’s a wonder that Barnes and Noble had it on display. Won’t there be a riot?

Dymphna’s not awake yet, and doesn’t know this is going up. Those so inclined can leave a happy birthday comment for her, to greet her when she wakes up!

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  1. Happy Birthday! from someone who’s perspective on what a blog is has changed just a little since finding you guys over here : )

  2. As a humble birthday present to Dymphna I’ve translated a short announcement from Danish TV today :

    Imams are not welcome in Danish People’s Church, says a new network of islam-critical priests and theological experts.

    The purpose is to state that Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God, and that the church and the mosque are not religious equals says the new network of 60 priests and theological experts.

    Well-known priests and opinion-makers such as Niels Højlund, Sørine Godtfredsen, Edith Thingstrup, Morten Kvist and Katrine Winkel Holm are among the prominent members.

    According to the newfounded network admitting imams into Danish churches is problematic.

    The Danish People’s Church cannot agree with the imams without betraying the lord Christ – who according to Islam is nothing but an inferior “prophet”, subordinated Mohammad.

    Making fun with the Gospel
    When priests and imams are praying together, they are in essence ridiculing the Gospel, the network states. At the same time it distances itself from recent events such as religous councils with imams.

    Bishops and imams are not religous collegues separated only by different merchandise. It is of paramount importance that priests in the Danish Church make that fact very clear – as well as studying and criticizing Islam, says the network – which at the same time underscores that the intention is to criticize Islam, not the individual Muslim.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dearest Dymphna, Happy Birthday to you! I hope it has been a good one, and have a very happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  4. Happy (belated) birthday to you
    Happy (belated) birthday to you
    Happy (belated) birthday, Dear Dymphna,
    Happy (belated) birthday to you.

    Hip hip
    Hip hip

    I hope you had a wonderful day, and all the best from Downunda 😀

  5. To each and to all:

    My deep appreciation for your kind notice of my birthday!

    It was a lot of fun. My family gave me Leonard Cohen (CD), Tommy Dorsey (CD), and Orianna Fallaci’s latest book — with her demise in front of her, she writes with a pen of fire.

    And you guys gave me attention: priceless!

    Merci, gratias plena…


  6. Happy Birthday, D!

    How quickly they pass by, like fence pickets seen through a car window. And yet how is it that eternities of indescribable joy and cold black despair can be fit between such narrow slits?

    Yes, a belated greeting, but I’m just back from an extra long and lazily internet-free weekend. Perhaps I kenned the import of this august occasion and gave myself the sort of advice that you would dole out– get away from the blue glow of phosphor and experience the warm sun, the garden, and family.

    Hope yours was a day filled with good things.

    Oh, and I hope you scolded the Baron that his 21-100 age range left far more room north of 29 than south and might lead to bouts of excessive imagining on the part of the readership.

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