Shedding Some Light on Jamaat ul-Fuqra

The Muslims of AmericaThe Politics of CP has tipped us off to a new blog, Shedding Some Light, written by a former member (or should I say “recovering member”?) of the domestic Islamic terrorist group, Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

To recap our numerous previous posts on the topic: Jamaat ul-Fuqra is an extremist Islamic organization that recruits most of its followers from African-Americans in the prison system. It has been linked with (and some of its members convicted for) crimes such as murder, firebombings, fraud, gun-running, and money-laundering. Its founder, the Pakistani Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Gilani, insists that it is a figment of our imagination.

“Fuqra Hater” is a former member of JF who managed to escape from the group and its influence. Here’s part of what he has to say:

His followers give up 30% of their earnings to him as he says “ its for the sake of God, so give. Indeed if u have ever seen his houses in pakistan you would know where all that 30% money is going. He owns land cruisers, mercedes, huge houses in many cities and virtually owns villages. The followers in pakistan do everything but worship him.

“Fuqra Hater” says that he is still a Muslim, but he presumably knows that his belief will not guarantee his safety if his erstwhile comrades manage to identify him and track him down.

Go over to Shedding Some Light and read the rest.

7 thoughts on “Shedding Some Light on Jamaat ul-Fuqra

  1. Private communication from CP assures this guy’s authenticity. I, for one, would be terrified to blog in case it easier for them to find me.

    I do hope it doesn’t become a blog with just one post because we won’t know what happened to him.

    Of course, they’d have to hack Blogger’s internal servers to track him down. Good ol’ Blogger.

  2. Quite a few members left the fuqra, the spotlight is on them bright, i dont think they would do anything to bring down their villages, Scottsa, I just started the blog, I asked for people to post questions, it is easier to post info once I know what people want to know, and been talking to CP for months, skeptical or not this is going to blow your minds, wait I am also in talks about putting a book about the gilani cult, warning the dangerous ideas of this fanatic mystic many call Father….

  3. I am a recent Swedish American convert to Islam. I have read the many false tales posted by Fjordman on the web. I could probably post the same amount of information with actual facts about White hate groups. The difference would be, that Fjordman adds a few facts with a bunch of lies with no real proof, saying we should read between the lines, with a few factual cases, which do nto stand out from regular crime at all. He is a mini version of Hitler. Luckily, he is not as charismatic as Hitler, or we would have a WW 3(causing more deaths and carnage based on lies by a hater). This guy is also only on the web luckily. Wait a minute, the web is read by many people, who might actually beleive this guy. Please ignore this guy, or infact, help me report this guy to the Cops for defamation and slander against ethnicities. This guy is not only racist but a hater and also affects many other people by writing his nonsence on the web. This guy is all over the web and is dangerous. most of the Scandanavian stories are directly or indirectly linked to him. Please ignore him and I will be keeping an eye on this guy. I have already contacted some of the cops who surf the net. This guy is disturbing. Thanks my European and Arab brothers and sisters

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