Borders Pays the Infidel Jizya

Not to say that Little Green Footballs is the crux of the blogosphere or anything. In the old, old days, it might have been a central terminus for all the railroad cars in a particular region. Today, it functions as the place where information comes through and branches out into the distributive network. It’s an arrangement in which, if-Charles-or-the-lizardoids-see-or-hear-it, in short order you will, too.

Lots of us do essays, which are important aspects of blogging. But Charles Johnson simply plants his foot on story long enough for you to read it and then he’s on to something else, turning back only as new information come in.

A case in point: the now-infamous Borders Bookstores Bumble, which LFG called “Borders and Waldenbooks Cave In to Islamist Intimidation.” The post told the story of a new chapter in the all-too-familiar corporate implosion when faced with thuggish threats. In this case, the current month’s issue of the magazine Free Inquiry has been banned from Borders and its subsidiary, Walden Books. Why? Because Free Inquiry had the temerity to splash the cartoons on its inside pages. You know — them, the images which can’t be shown, or else spontaneous combustion appears in Pakistan. Or maybe in a Borders Bookstore. Waaay too scary to have the Muslim cartoons out in plain view like that, right? So, Banned at Borders they were.

That was followed by another post, a revealing email from one of his readers, a Borders employee:

I work for Borders Books and after reading the article you posted on Wed. 3/29 about our company not carrying the magazine due to it showing the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy, I thought I should write with another tidbit of information I learned about my company the other week.

I was shifting rows of books in our religion section and it happened to be that all of our Koran books (a section on its own) ended up on the bottom shelf. The next day I was informed by my General Manager that it is Borders policy as a whole (not my particular store) that due to complaints in the past from Muslim customers, we are not allowed to put our copies of the Koran on any shelf other than the top.

LGF’s third post on this was a link to an open letter to Borders from the writer and editor, Robert Bidinotto. His site is worth a visit. Not only will you find his excellent letter to Borders, but you’ll be supplied with the corporate address for your own screed and some verrry interesting links to behind-the-scenes-with-the-suits-shenanigans. For example, from the Borders corporate website, did you know:

Borders Inc., a subsidiary of global book, music and movie retailer Borders Group, Inc. (NYSE:BGP), announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Maya Group, a diversified corporation headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, to establish a franchise arrangement under which Al Maya will operate Borders stores in the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The first of what is expected to be multiple Borders stores in the United Arab Emirates will be located in Dubai at Deira City Centre, the premier shopping center in the GCC. The Borders stores will offer a vast array of book titles in English and Arabic. Borders will provide training and marketing support to Al Maya. The store will be operated by Al Maya consistent with the Borders brand experience. Terms and conditions of the anticipated agreement will not be disclosed.

It was a gentleman’s agreement, you see.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are many disgruntled Americans who are about to pull out of Borders — lock, stock, and barrel, so to speak. Here’s just one fellow, Pastorius, explaining how much money he’s dropped at his local Borders outlet…but won’t be going there anymore:

I would estimate that I have purchased over 2000 books, CD’s, and magazines, and at least 10,000 cups of coffee at Borders over the years.

I will never make another purchase there again, unless they come to me in their humiliation and apologize for what they have done. Then, they can pay me the Infidel jizya, and then and only then, if they are lucky, I will deign to steal books from them.

F*** Borders. Say it with me now, F*** BORDERS

I wonder if Borders can hear the rising chorus. I wonder if they care.

Somehow, I don’t think this is going away. The cartoons haven’t gone away, so Borders is now aligned with a totalitarian enemy. Good luck to them in the UAE, they will truly need it.

The only block bookstore near us is Barnes and Noble. Maybe they’re listening? Meanwhile, I’ll keep on trucking with Amazon, even if they do give so much room to trolls on the book pages of conservative writers. That seems mild in comparison to Borders’ blatant butt-kissing.

8 thoughts on “Borders Pays the Infidel Jizya

  1. I am commenting on the post of 3/29. I am a hazmat driver. Before I go into the meat of the post and why I say and have said all along that fingerprinting us is a feel-good law, I will go into what hazmat loads are.

    Car parts: Not just batteries, but airbag modules. These are the cylindars that expand airbags in an accident.

    Coca-Cola syrup: this is more harmful than some poisons and acids.

    Grocery loads: This also includes cigarette lighters.

    Hazmat does not necessarily mean dynamite or gasoline.

    This is a feel good law for the simple fact that if someone were going to use a hazmat load to carry out a terrorist act, he or she is not going to be stupid enough advertise the fact that the vehicle is so equipped to do so. The first thing that would happen is that the placards would be removed from the vehicle, making it as innocous as possible. Was the U-Haul driven by Timothy McVeigh martked as carrying a hazardous load? In fact, as far as I know, Tim McVeigh only had a regular driver’s license, not a CDL, and certainly not endorsed with an “H” (for Hazmat) or “X” (for hazmat tanker).

    Most likely if such an act were to be carried out, the person who did it would most likely not be a hazmat driver.

    In fact, what this law does, is tax the truckers who are already taxed at a rate approaching 60% with another $94.00 per renewal.

    I’m told this isn’t even a one-time thing, but must be done each and every time a CDL is renewed. Sorry, this is a reactionary move at best and another tax at worst.

  2. l.m.–

    Truck drivers shouldn’t bear the tax burden of the renewal since it’s a regulation…but then that’s true of so much that Congress does.

    We do need some way to check out hazmat truckers — as I’m sure you would agree. There have been some nasty incidents…

    What I would love to see is a way to cut down on the tremendous amount of black market cigarettes that make their way up 95 and help to fund Pakistan’s activities.

    Living in an open society makes it very hard to stop anyone bent on harm.

    OTOH, if the people involved were the ones to make the rules ( e.g., if hazmat truckers had drawn up the regs) there would be more than “feel good” laws. Or CYA laws, in this case.

  3. Great post! Don’t forget Barnes and Noble did some shuffeling with conservative books in some of its stores. I believe Michelle Malkin brought that one to light a while back.

    I go to B&N in my town and occasionally order from Amazon.

  4. I thought it was Borders and the Borders employees who were hiding the conservative books – particularly the Swifties – where they couldn’t be found???

    I think we’ll probably find problems like this in many chains – for various triggers and reason. And, I have to wonder, if Borders hadn’t self-censored on this one do you think anyone would have even said BOO about them carrying the magazine?

    We tend to order our books online, too. And we get our coffee at Panera when we want a “coffee shop” atmosphere.

  5. Admittedly, the 10,000 cups of coffee is an exaggeration (I hope), but the estimate of book and CD purchases is right on.

    Borders has, indeed, lost my business. I hope they a quick, horrible death, and, I hope all there employees jump ship and find employment at B&N.

  6. Dymphna, you are most likely aware that I cannot reach that LGF link by clicking on it from your web-page. I have to copy and paste it into a new tab. Herr Johnson certainly holds a grudge.

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