Using Children To Promote Killing

All God’s ChildrenThis picture is so disheartening. Especially when you combine it with the story out of Iraq today about Danish soldiers being fired upon when they were trying to help some kids:

Danish soldiers on patrol in southern Iraq came under attack but escaped unharmed, the Danish military headquarters said.

Iraqis shot at the patrol on Sunday as the Danish soldiers gave first aid to a group of children injured in a traffic accident south of Al-Qurnah, it said.

“They were shot at as they tried to help the children,” Colonel Henrik Sommer said.

The soldiers shot back, withdrew from the area and took several of the children to hospital, he said.

Meanwhile, thousands of Iraqis marched to demand a fatwa calling for the murder of those infamous Danish cartoonists. However:

Danish Defence Minister Soeren Gade told Danish television DR1 that Denmark had increased security around its troops in Iraq.

Good thing, too, since there is now a fatwa against the Danish soldiers themselves:

A fatwa appears to have been issued against Danish soldiers stationed in Iraq, the Danish Defence Ministry said yesterday.

“I can confirm that we’ve heard about the fatwa from a reliable source in Iraq … so we believe it’s true,” said Defence Minister Soeren Gade’s spokesman Jacob Winther.

Since there are only about five hundred Danish soldiers serving in Iraq, I hope the Alliance does the right thing and sends them home a few months early. At least some of the Iraqis have proved they don’t deserve Danish help. Besides, it’s for damn sure the Danish don’t need any more grief from medievalists bent on turning the world clock back a millennium using Denmark as their lever.

This whole bloody thing is so obviously orchestrated. The Arab Street has been proved to be what everyone but the MSM always thought it was: mindless automatons who do the master’s bidding. The thugs in charge of this global display could’ve taught the old ward bosses in New York City or Boston a thing or do about manipulating people.

In the final analysis, you can only scratch your head in puzzlement. “What th’-!? Why Denmark of all places? Are you people insane?”

Oops. We’re talking ME Islam here. Definitely makes the question rhetorical, doesn’t it?

By the way, look back at that picture of the child with the sign. Does he or she look old enough to read?

One thought on “Using Children To Promote Killing

  1. “Why Denmark of all places? Are you people insane?”

    Muslim response is indeed insane. Reminds me of a recent and personal encounter with a close family member suffering from BPD, where an innocuous stimulus initiated a violent response all out of proportion to the provocation.

    But then, we know with whom we’re dealing, don’t we?

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