Prophet Cartoons Hit the MSM in the USA

The controversy over the Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Mohammed has reach the MSM here at last; the story is on CNN.

But no images — yet.

There’s a photo of someone reading a newspaper with the offending cartoons thoughtfully cropped out.

UPDATE 6:18pm EST: Fox has the story now, too, but still no pics.

Come on guys, grow some nads!

15 thoughts on “Prophet Cartoons Hit the MSM in the USA

  1. The UN, EU, Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, and all the rich Arabs have decided some religions and people are more free than others.

    Hard to believe some months-old cartoons could be used successfully as propaganda by people who support a new Holocaust, but that’s our brave new world.

    The end of freedom, most importantly freedom of expression, is on the line and the mainstream media is fighting to be the best dhimmis they can be.

  2. I hope some US newspapers print all the cartoons. I think a German newspaper printed them, but I haven’t yet heard about a boycott on Mercedes.

  3. Felix, make it a link! So you don’t mess up the page width.

    Here’s what felix said:

    Check out todays’s UK Daily Telegraph editorial. Finally a little straight talk, prompted by the cartoon issue.

    “Those Muslims who cannot tolerate the openness and robustness of intellectual debate in the West have perhaps chosen to live in the wrong culture.”

    Telegraph editorial.

  4. I think that there’s a lot of support out there for free speech. I’ve posted on this same issue and gotten my busiest traffic ever.

    Though some of it has been from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco…

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  5. I understand that CBS has refused to show them also. NBC will soon air an episode of Will and Grace in which Britney Spears plays a “conservative christian” who has a TV cooking show called “Crucifixin’s”. The MSM is fully willing to insult Christian sensibilities. What about “Piss Christ”, isn’t that in a museum in NY?

  6. I’ve been thinking about this “cartoon Mohammed thing,” trying to find some personal understanding, perhaps through comparison to our own “western” culture.

    Most “normal” non-muslim nations have some limits on what is deemed illegal, distasteful, or just too out of bounds to publish. I believe U.S. papers won’t show explicit nudity or sex acts; they also won’t show racial or religious stuff that might be deemed too provocative or hateful. For the most part, however, what controls what they print is what they think will sell or NOT sell. No publisher seeks to alienate their buying audience. So, we protest by NOT buying the paper or by writing a letter. We DON’T march in the streets demanding the “death” of an entire nation until our demands are met!

    In this new polarized world of muslims and non-muslims everything has changed. I KNOW I’ve seen political cartoons featuring Mohammed in the past, but NOW its a big deal, a matter of life and death. We westerners are shocked that muslims could possibly insist that we change our culture to accomodate them! Muslims seem to be every bit as positive that their Islamic precepts demand that we tippy-toe around THEM, and do so right in our OWN countries! The gall!

    And the more I consider the situation the more I SEETHE with anger! This “little” matter shows me that our two cultures are completely untenable. I could never stomach living in a place controlled by Sharia law; it would be impossible. Yet they have the temerity to tell us in OUR countries (and today I speak as a Dane!) that we must comply with the tenets of THEIR religion?

    This seemingly small matter should serve as ANOTHER wakeup call to all freedom loving peoples that our two cultures do NOT mix! It should be apparent to anyone half paying attention that islamic countries like pakistan and saudi arabia are NOT free! And on this site, boy is that ever preaching to the choir!

    Just the same, isn’t it just as obvious that free countries need to end all islamic immigration? These people do not understand, nor will they ever accept, our concept of no holds barred free speech, that no one and no “deity” is offlimits when it comes to self-expression and the media.

    This tempest also points out that we need to find ways to extricate ourselves from the ONLY thing we need from these fanatics–OIL! The Israelis have it right–build a wall and ne’er the twain shall meet. There is no other way. They are oil and we are water…

  7. Still no images … I’m getting convinced that no U.S publisher would have published Salman Rushdie had he written ‘The Satanic Verses’ today

  8. Come on guys, grow some nads!

    Baron, I think that after a certain interval, a body loses the ability to do that. For some of our appeasers and enablers, it may be literally too late. Consider how little Eason Jordan learned from having to ‘fess up to CNN’s soft-pedalling their Iraq coverage.

    Oh, and since it’s been a while since I whined about this:

    You can use some HTML tags, such as , “

    But not

    ? Why not? Give me

    or give me lousy formatting of quotes! Or (taking a tip from our current subject) should I threaten violence? Would that get me what I want? :=(

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