No Zionist State = No Palestine

…and now, a sad but succinct analysis from the history master, El Jefe:

Nobody can deny that the Palestinian people are in an unenviable position. But they were offered half a loaf, in 1948. They scorned it, gambled on arms, and lost. The Palestinians learned nothing, and in 1967 they blustered like Mr. Mish’al [the chief of the terrorist organization/political party Hamas’s “political bureau” — ed.] today and blundered themselves into another war, and lost again. Now, the Palestinians, by choosing Hamas, have again chosen war. If Mr. Mish’al is serious about Hamas’s stand, they will get it in spades.

Mr. Mish’al proclaims that Hamas is “immune to bribery, intimidation and blackmail.” Maybe, but how will it do against F-16’s, 5.56 mm ball, and 155 mm H.E.? Do the Palestinians, and the Arab nation, really have a death wish? Israel has nuclear weapons. It really is double or nothing this time, and I know how I’m betting. If there is going to be no Zionist state in Palestine – there is going to be no Palestine, period.

The Palestinians are cheerfully, heedlessly, gleefully driving Israel to the far right, and ensuring that the US and Europe will regretfully avert their glances while the Israelis turn the West Bank into a giant prison/abattoir. The Palestinians have taken off the mask, and Hamas, like Chancellor Hitler for the Germans in the Reichstag, can bleat about the “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people” and can proclaim the impending suicide of Palestine to the skies if it wants. A Netanyahu government – certainly a good possibility now, is going to, in Mr. Kelly’s words again, take off the gloves.

By all means, read the whole Palestina Irredenta essay at Kingdom of Chaos.

In this case, enlightenment does not bring peace of mind.

2 thoughts on “No Zionist State = No Palestine

  1. Mr. Mish’al’s (the LA Times spells it “Meshaal”), little screed is worth reading in full, particularly the part where he tries to bring the other Muslim and Arab governments to heal. Mr. Mish’al tells Arabs it is their duty to “stand by your Palestinian brothers and sisters whose sacrifices are made on behalf of all of you.” Yeah, sounds like a threat of trouble to me…

    Anyway, the Muslims and Arabs are supposed to pony-up and replace sums that the Americans and Euros might take out. Small chance of Arab/Muslim solidarity — the Arabs always give lip service to Palestinians and their “cause” for domestic consumption, and ultimately leave them in the lurch.

    However, if our Iranian friends and their nuclear program continue to prosper, this might change a little. Yep, that ol’ Chinese curse about living in interesting times again.

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