Auctioning Images: "Piss Christ" vs. Mohammed in Drag

Peaktalk is comparing this latest Islamic hysteria over the Danish cartoons with the fiercely defensive position American liberals took when “Piss Christ” appeared on the horizon.

Remember how offended the Christians were to see a crucifix suspended in a container of urine?

Remember how the avant-garde intelligentsia vigorously defended this piece of crap objet d’art against the outrage of these philistines who were too ignorant to see the value of Mr. Serrano’s creation?

So where are these defenders of art now that twelve Danes need their help? Have the Christians ripped out their tongues? Did they get religion themselves in the intervening twenty years? Hmmm…that’s a long time. Perhaps they’re all a bit long in the tooth and dribbly now. Too deaf to hear the racket, perhaps?

In May, 2000, Christie’s auctioned off this effort of Andres Serrano:

“Piss Christ,” by Andres Serrano, Lot 51, Cibachrome print mounted on Plexiglas,40 by 30 inches, 1987

Serrano Sucks

The notorious “Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano (b. 1950), Lot 51, is a beautiful image of the crucifixion that seems to float in blood, which caused a great deal of controversy because the liquid is urine and many people felt the image and concept was therefore sacrilegious. While the use of urine was provocative, the resulting image is very powerful and memorable and fine. This lot is numbered 4 of an edition of 10. It had an estimate of $30,000 to $40,000 and sold for $105,000.

“Memorable”? Sure. “Fine”? Hardly. If this is worth one hundred five thousand dollars, then those cartoons are obviously priceless. And since the American taxpayer footed the bill for the creation of this idiocy, certainly the Danish government can go them one better.

Let’s see if Christie’s is brave enough to auction those “memorable” Mohammed images. When you go, be sure to save me a catalogue. I, however, plan to do my bidding by phone.

And do let me know when the building explodes.

9 thoughts on “Auctioning Images: "Piss Christ" vs. Mohammed in Drag

  1. See how it goes? It’s fine and dandy to slam Jesus Christ. But anything insolent about MTP brings down on “artists'” heads the wrath of Muslims. Prince Saud, our ally [NOT!] has condemned the Danish cartoons! And CAIR as well–I included CAIR in my posting today.

    Hey, I want some pig lawn-ornaments!

    Now, back to my pork and sauerkraut.

  2. I am glad this very astute analogy has been raised. I have given out awards to the most hypocritical parties in this Cartoon Rage.

    The Bronze: The terrorists and terrorists-in-training in Palestine, who danced with glee when the Towers fell are now indignant over the insensitivity of the Danes.

    The Silver Medal: President Clinton. Sympathy for the cartoon-oppressed Muslims. Ohh the suffering.

    The Gold Medal (reminder from Peaktalk via Michelle Malkin): The civil libertarians, who fought so heroically to ensure taxpayer funding of Piss Christ, a crucifix submerged in the ‘artists’ urine. Haven’t been able to find this breed of the consistency challenged on a milk carton or at a urinal.

  3. Excellent article, Dymphna.

    So, put me down for a vote that would change the ROP to mean the Religion of PI**.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. It was either type this or the blood pressure goes up. LOL

    Kindest regards to you and the Baron.

  4. IIRC Salman Rushdie, despite being a man of the left, was similarly abandoned by many of his comrades. I believe he has said that the most substantial support he got in the months after the fatwa was from Margaret Thatcher, and that this was a clarifying moment for him.

    The number of people who are truly committed to free speech is relatively modest next to the number of people who want to use it to bludgeon their culture-war opposite numbers.

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