Spare Change?

It’s no surprise that Hamas considers the cutoff of foreign money to be “blackmail.” After all, that’s what a teenager always considers the threatened withholding of his allowance to be.

“Dad! You can’t do that; it’s not fair!”

According to this AP story,

A top Hamas official said Tuesday the Islamic militant group will not be “blackmailed” by international threats to cut off aid to the Palestinians and is searching for new sources of funding.

Excuse me sir, could you spare half a billion for a cup of coffee? You’d be helping out a poor mujahid…

Hamas leaders, who have tried to portray a more moderate image since the election, sought to assure the donors that aid would go only to ordinary Palestinians and not be used for attacks.

Translation: the Western media have been trying to make Hamas appear more moderate. Trust the MSM to do their best with this one. Watch for prime-time news videos of Hamas day-care centers and AIDS clinics.

And promises are all you’ll get about the disbursement of the money. Remember: Fatah gave out 500 million dollars in cash, no paper trail. Think Hamas will be any different? We’ll just have to take their word for it.

Analysts say that although most wealthy Gulf nations will not stand by and watch the Palestinians starve, the Arab and Muslim world is unlikely to provide the kind of cash Western nations have given.

Now we come to the important part: Sheikh Dublooni, for whom a hundred million dollars is pocket change, can’t match those nasty ol’ infidel Westerners, dollar for dollar.

He’s the same race as the Palestinians. He speaks the same language. He’s a Sunni, just like they are. He believes Jews are apes and pigs, just like they do.

But he won’t pony up!

Funny about that.

And remember where all that money that went to Fatah has been coming from: your tax dollars.

That’s right: you paid for Yasser Arafat’s Mercedes and his falafel and his nancy boy “bodyguards”.

If our governments decide to start sending Hamas money, we in the West better get ready to YELL REAL LOUD.

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  1. we better start calling and emailing and letter writing right now, lots of it – every reader needs to at least email their senators and reps with strong appropriate language about this

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