Avenging Mohammed: They’ll Blow Up Denmark

Abbagav has a post on the Danish food fight:

Ironically, I love Muslim boycotts like these — they remind me that collective punishment is indeed an Islamically accepted principle, so long as it is harnessed to a just cause, like protesting cartoons.

Then he links to a fellow in Houston, Lou Minatti (a “serious gardener” –I’m going to have to get back there). Mr. Minatti has posted two images from what he terms a “Saudi entity”. He gave the link, but I couldn’t find the pictures on the linked site so I lifted his instead:

Glory Brigades In Northern Europe

Glory Brigades In Northern Europe

He means the Saudis will pay someone to do Denmark for them. It was Pakistanis who blew themselves up in Britain.

Islam is just chock full of resentful bullies. Nothing like abysmal failure to transform the soul into a seething mass of hatred and dreams of revenge.

I say we not only buy Danish food, we should start prayer groups dedicated to the poor people whose souls are being distorted so grotesquely that their only solution is eternal revenge. Something that toxic will not yield to men’s attempts to change it. Noo… this is not irony. These people need someone to pray for them while they dream their infantile fantasies of revenge. Besides, it’s prayers or bombs and I’m fresh out of the latter right now.

Maybe we could designate Wednesday as “Pray for Muslims Day.” And it could be followed by lunch with Danish cheese and some of those butter cookies most of us shouldn’t eat. However, if it’s in a good cause….

13 thoughts on “Avenging Mohammed: They’ll Blow Up Denmark

  1. Ok, but I’m not eatin any dam’ lutefisk (I know it’s Norwegian, but they eat it in Denmark, too).

    Meanwhile, here’s an interesting website – the Danish food company that is being targeted by the religion of peace:
    ARLA foods

  2. Who knew that Sharia law applied in Denmark?

    The interior ministers of the Arab countries have called on the Danish government to ‘severely punish’ the makers of the cartoons over the prophet Mohammed. The cartoons were published last year by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The editor of the newspaper has offered his apologies.

    The ministers, who met in Tunis, condemn ‘the insulting of the islam and the prophet’. They say that such cartoons should never again be published.

  3. bordergal, yes!
    Who would have thought that Sharia law rules the entire world of thought? Oh yeah, Muslims.

    Let’s order some ARLA food items, but tonight celebrate Alito’s Senate confirmation with something Italian–with some lovely sausage!

  4. Dymphna, in response to your tag I just put my post up urging all readers to buy Danish!

    There is a fundemental principle involved here that must be defended with the utmost vigor. In a secular society no group can hold a privileged position because of their religious beliefs; if this principle goes by the wayside, I will simply start a church whose first commandment is that members of my church don’t owe the government any taxes.

    Thanks for asking–it was fun!

  5. Baltic Waves —

    You just brought back a family memory. Way back when my paternal grandmother’s family ran a very successful meat business — many cured pork. Eat that Muslims — they used to send their plant managers to Denmark to learn to do it their way. Denmark was considered the creme de la ham/bacon/etc.

    Hmmm….there must be lotsa businesses besides Arla. And those Danish shipping companies….

    WE have among us the googling guru, one Wally Ballou. Maybe he could come up with some names and sites for us.


  6. Dymphna, here are a few Danish goods to consider :

    Lego Toys
    B&O Stereo and HiFi
    Carlsberg & Tuborg Beer
    Aalborg liquor
    Otterup sniper rifles
    Oticon hearing aids
    Tulip Computers
    Vesta wind turbines
    B&W marine diesels
    Wegener fine furniture
    Georg Jensen silverware
    Fly SAS
    Stanwell smoking pipes
    …just to mention a few.

  7. Outstanding post Dymphna. Whoever said prayer changes things never had a challenge like this, did they?

    That is priceless-fantastic!

  8. just cause, like protesting cartoons

    Is this surreal or what?

    Yes, prayer definitely in order. These nutjobs who want to wage jihad in response to cartoons need to be freed from their delusions.

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