Jawa Hits the Jackpot!

Boy, what a way to celebrate a blogoversary:The Jawa Report helped catch a terrorist. Some people have all the luck!

Dr. Shackleford begins:

     Two years ago today I started blogging by warning in my very first post, If you think this is offensive, just wait til I really get going! What a way to celebrate my blogoversary!!!
The long awaited moment has arrived that I can reveal some of the details of The Jawa Report’s involvement in the capture of a would-be terrorist. Some of you already know some of the details as I have talked about them from time to time in a cryptic manner. I don’t want to overemphasize our role in the wannabe terrorists capture, nor do I wish to claim that the man now in custody would have been able to accomplish his stated goal of building and detonating a nuclear bomb in the United States–clearly he did not have that capacity–but this website did play a role in his capture.

Okay, he’s set the standard for the rest of us. Go have a cry in your beer ’cause it wasn’t your catch, pull up your socks, and get on the Jawa Wagon.

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