Update on Chetanand “Ashley” Sewraz

Chetanand ‘Ashley’ SewrazIn my post on Wednesday I talked about a young man in the southern suburbs of Richmond, Chetanand “Ashley” Sewraz, who is facing bombing and fraud charges. His activities do not seem to be jihad-related, but it is still a peculiar case.

Late last night my post must have been indexed by Google. Since then no fewer than twenty searchers for “Ashley Sewraz” or “Chetanand Sewraz” have found their way to Gates of Vienna. So somebody is looking for him.

Searches still don’t find him on Google News, and the only MSM site I can find him on is on MSNBC. So where are all these searchers coming from?

Then today commenter pbz23294 weighed in:

     I signed up for a blog account just so I could respond to you. I was offered a job by “Ashley” but I ended up not taking it because I was way too suspicious. He was going to pay me $56K a year to be an 80 hour a week assistant. Glad I didn’t take it.

Pbz23294: if you are reading this, please email me at the address on the left sidebar, or click here. We’d really like to know more.