Death to Apostates

Palestinians exercise the perquisites of democracyAccording to the Sydney Morning Herald, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is not totally antipathetic to the idea of dealing with Hamas:

Acknowledging Hamas’s new standing as a political powerhouse, Mr Abbas told reporters: “We are consulting and in contact with all the Palestinian groups and definitely, at the appropriate time, the biggest party will form the cabinet.”

But the more faithful members of Fatah have vowed to kill any member who defects to Hamas:

The militant al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, part of Fatah, issued a statement threatening to “liquidate” the faction’s leaders if they changed their minds and joined a Hamas-led administration.

Isn’t this the Ummah writ small? Islam in miniature? Apostates must be killed! Remain loyal to The Faith, or pay with your life!

Maybe it’s the start of a trend, with smaller and smaller sub-units of Islam promising death to defectors.

The patrons of Walid’s Café vow to kill anyone who patronizes Ali’s Lunch Counter!

In other news, the Rotary Club of Boise formed a shotgun militia do defend its prerogatives. “Anyone who joins the Lions Club will be hunted down and killed like the dog that he is!” announced its leader, the self-proclaimed Generalissimo Steve. “No rival to the true Rotarian faith will be tolerated.”