Blogs are doing the heavy lifting for the MSM while the latter grunts and groans on its rocky slide into boring irrelevance.

An example: Peace Like a River has an excellent summary of the current conditions in Iraq. Full of links, a mortality table, and an openly stated question which he answers quite satisfactorily:

An insurgency collapsing inward?

     Make no mistake, the enemy still has a lot of fight left in him. He still has the capability to kill and to do damage. Yet, I want to point out there may be signs the insurgency is being squeezed into a region whose circumscribed boundaries are drawing inward. I’m not saying the insurgents can’t operate outside this region, just that they are finding it harder to find areas outside this region where they can plan, move, and find shelter.

This is a rich post. I don’t want to simply cut and paste. Instead I urge you to follow the link and read for yourself. It’s well-paced, has some encouraging stats, and then shows clearly what remains to be done. Especially see his link to the newest press release about the number of recent captures. A lot of work is obviously being done by the Iraqi Army.

Do yourself a favor and check in with reality. Scroll down the page and read Fighting the Real Propagandists. His ability to research and assemble his material is admirable.

With bloggers like this, information continues its distributive drive. And the Old Lady continues her plodding downward path, shedding employees as she goes. Ah, if she were only intelligent enough to slough off Paul Krugman…

2 thoughts on “Imploding?

  1. That was excellent. Your absolutely correct about the MSM. It’s a shame that the ‘free press’ has been bought by Saudi petro dollars.
    Thanks for giving me a new link to research.

  2. This is all a zionist conspiracy
    The mujahideen cannot lose since they live by the immutable perfect word of god
    You are all in the pay of joooooooos
    Your words prove this

    Then again maybe you are all Karl Rove and don’t really exist.

    Y’know I used to read Friedman, Safire, Lewis, Krugman (have to get jazzed up someitme), Brooks and that Maureen woman all the time, but now I won’t add a PENNY to their coffers. The NY Post was right, they are toying with the treason point but are probably so elitist-arrogant they have no clue WHAT we are talking about out here. They REALLY think they know better than we do what is correct.

    And I know why..allow me to ape the great philosopher and pigeon trainer Franz Liebkin (who said the same of his actors)…”Kill de teachers”

    Kouba is now on favorites. Stupendous stuff.

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