The Perfect Indignation

One of our more astute commenters, who will go unnamed (for his/her own safety) emailed the following post to Gates of Vienna from Dilbert’s Blog:

     Unfair Stereotypes
I’m sick of all the stereotypes found in the news. Maybe you heard the story about the four suicide bombers who planned an attack in Jordan. The three males killed mostly other Muslims. Obviously the men were looking for Israel and refused to stop and ask for directions. And the one woman in the group apparently couldn’t figure out how to operate her suicide belt.
I’m just wondering, how many women heard that story on the news and thought “Crap. Why did it have to be the woman who couldn’t blow herself up?”

Besides being very funny, this little observation of Scott Adams’ is an example of synchronicity. Over at The Neighborhood of God we were just yesterday discussing this phenomenon — i.e., how alien men and women are in their thinking. It’s amazing we manage to communicate at all. And the jokes over there — from other commenters — were was every bit as politically incorrect as this observation on Dilbert’s Blog.

I looove anything politically incorrect. Especially if it offends terrorists and feminists in one go. The Perfect Indignation.

Good on you, Scott Adams.

One thought on “The Perfect Indignation

  1. I can recommend a series of books by an australian man named Alan Pease and his wife, Barbara Pease. The best is “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps”. I’ve seen two of his talks at an amway conference (and before anyon says anything, I paid £50 to get three speakers who normally charge £300 each, so I like amway for that alone). His books collectively explain the sometimes fundamental differences in male and female psychology, by explaining the physical differences between us, and are really useful if you want to communicate with each other more effectively.

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