The 2005 Weblog Awards

Kevin Aylward’s annual Wizbang contest has begun. Everyone should go over to the 2005 Weblog Awards and make sure their favorites get put onto the different ballots.

Feel free to nominate… umm… your favorite anti-Jihad blog for any appropriate category. I was too modest to nominate Gates of Vienna myself, but a4g seems to have put us in the Ecosystem 500-1000 category. Thanks, Mr. a4g! I was going to nominate you for humor, but then I saw you were already up.

I went around plastering my favorites into the different categories until my fingers got tired. Go and do ye likewise. And then, when the time comes, vote early and vote often.

A final note: vote for Belmont Club for “Best Blog.” Let’s give Wretchard the recognition he deserves!

2 thoughts on “The 2005 Weblog Awards

  1. Baron and Dymphna

    I shall be taking a break from blogging – on islam anyway, for atleast a couple of months. I really need a break from this stupid islam stuff. I have ignored far more interesting and satisfying activities, such as music and literature, all for this idiotic creed of islam.

    I’m glad to see though, that more and more people are waking up to the threat of islam. It is an insidious threat, far greater to human liberty then Nazism or Stalinism. One very effective method it uses is by invoking fear in individuals and society at large. When individuals refuse to speak for fear of islamists, that is when our society is in danger.

    No one can live in fear forever, for fear paralyses the individual, and destroys societies at large. Sooner or later though, people will say enough is enough, and it is then that islam will be totally defeated.

    I’m confident, that like Nazism and Stalinism, islamic ideology will also be confined to the dustbin.

    Thank you both for being tolerant hosts. Try not to allow this islam stuff to dominate your life, for in doing so, one increases the visibility and stature of islam in society, which is precisely the goal of islam.

    So to all

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Pee Dee One One One —
    We’ll miss you. As for taking Islam *too* seriously, please see my “Hail Mary Pass” post above.

    It’s a serious issue, but it does sorely need some humor. Of course Mohammed didn’t believe in laughter — he said when you open your mouth to laugh the devil gets in…

    …actually, he could be right. There is something so ridiculous about the more thin-skinned of the Muslims that I am forced to laugh. Being Irish, the devil in me does get out…

    …wait. That’s not exactly what he meant.

    Anyway, while you’re gone, remember that the first person to die for Allah was the poor fool who laughed when he saw all those guys praying with their bottoms in the air. He was slain for his viewpoint…do you think perhaps that’s where the expression “I died laughing” came from?

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