Hail Mary Pass

The American Muslim Union, using their usual strong-arm tactics, have convinced the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, to set aside a special area for people who want to pray while watching sporting events.

As you may remember, back in September five Arabs were detained during a charity football game at Giants Stadium for Praying Football While Muslim.

The FBI, who were present as part of the security detail for former President Bush, observed the men huddled around a main air duct of the stadium for an hour before escorting them separately to other seats. The nice agents even sat with the five men during the game, later walking them back to their cars.

Subseequently there was the pro-forma ballyhoo, since the men — who’d done nothing more than gather innocently around an air duct — decried the profiling as another example of picking on Muslims.

Well, actually, in true American fashion, their lawyer decried the situation.

And in true American fashion, the stadium authority caved agreed to set aside a prayer room at the sports complex in case anyone feels the call.

     A special area for people who want to pray will be set aside at Giants Stadium, where several Muslim fans were detained and questioned by the FBI in September, the stadium operator said Tuesday.

One presumes there will be a prayer room for Muslims, but also one for Hindus (so the Muslims don’t kill the praying Hindus), another for Christians (without any sign of the cross, thank you very much, no idolatrous icons), and one for the beer worshippers. Oh, never mind. That’s the stadium, where believers are identified by the sign of the plastic cup.

Hmmm…that will be one of the first things to go when the Ummah arrives. No more beer cups. No more Hindus. No more Christians. Nor more Muslims of the “wrong kind.” Of which there are millions.

Wait a minute… does the title, “the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority” mean this place is partly funded with New Jersey tax dollars? If so, is this a separation of state-and-mosque issue? Where is the ACLU? Where is a4g?

All right, Wiccans and Druids, time to line up for your share. Not to mention the set-aside for atheists. The beer drinkers already have more than their share.

Hat tip: LGF.