Not a Suicide?

One of the principal sources of the Joel-Hinrichs-was-just-just-a-disturbed-indvidual-who-killed-himself version of story has been the President of the University Oklahoma, former senator David Boren. According to the The Norman Transcript,

     University of Oklahoma President David Boren on Tuesday said investigators are saying there is no known threat connected to the Saturday bomb explosion near a packed football stadium, and an FBI press release repeated Boren’s opinion.

But the Norman Transcript also has an interesting new snippet from President Boren:

     While saying it appears no one else is connected to the bombing, Boren made a shift in describing Hinrich’s death by saying, “I do not say suicide, I say it’s an individual death that we’re dealing with. That’s all we really know.”

So now we have an individual death of a disturbed student who acted alone and had no connection with any political motive or terrorism or Islam, who just somehow manage to get himself blown up with an explosive beloved of Muslim terrorists, and, coincidentally, right outside a stadium full of thousands of infidels.

Of course. That explains everything.

3 thoughts on “Not a Suicide?

  1. -we maybe need another 15-20 million muslim immigrants here in America to remind us of how good we used to have it. I know businessmen who would attend a mosque every friday if it would insure their profit margins

  2. To think that I claim OU as my alma mater for both degrees. And I used to enjoy listening to David Boren on the radio. He used to provide some fairly decent commentary.

    It must be that merely becoming part of academia warps minds. Look at what happened to the President of Harvard–he wussed out in the end.

  3. I think he was angered by the pigskin they were playing with inside the stadium.

    Sorry, that was cheap. I’ll do better next time.

    One thing it’s nice to see is that our attitudes don’t change. Just as we don’t really punish the drunk driver until after he kills someone, so as long as it’s just a work accident we can pretend it didn’t really happen. Why worry?

    We’ll wait until thousands are killed and then wonder why no one warned us.

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