Flopping Aces

For all the latest on Joel Hinrichs and the University of Oklahoma bombing, Flopping Aces is the place to go. Money quote:

     According to confidential sources close to the University of Oklahoma bombing probe, HINRICHS was just one of several others involved in a much larger, much more sinister and pre-planned terrorist plot in the war of Islamic terrorists versus the West in a bombing plot designed to kill innocent Americans, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the details of the investigation but speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Curt is drawing on Free Republic resources and the Northeast Intelligence Network.

3 thoughts on “Flopping Aces

  1. Thanks for the link Baron.

    It appears this story is slowly fading unfortunately, it never did get the MSM attention it deserved but now with the new bomb threat it’s going bye bye…

  2. Well, I think it could be kept alive alongside the subway bomb story. Because it looks like Hinrichs was up to something similar to what the FBI is expecting in NY, doen’t it?

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