Strawberry Shortcake Does Jihad?

See Dick behead the infidel.Thanks to the miracle of Google Images, I happened upon a website today called Hilal Plaza.

The image you see at right is the cover of an ABC book for children learning Arabic script. Now, I ask you, where do you think those cute li’l scapers live? The West Bank? Islamabad? Nigeria? Jeddah?

Such adorable red-headed Arab boys ‘n’ girls!

Here’s the product info on the book:

     Detailed Description
This small workbook can help you learn the actual Arabic script as Arabs write it in everyday life. The book contains practice sentences and provides room for practicing the script. Contains 28 pages of Arabic script for practice.

I, for one, can’t wait to get started.

But Hilal Plaza isn’t only for children’s books. Their “About Us” page contains the following message:

     Welcome to, where we provide you with best of class Islamic clothing, Islamic Art and other quality products coupled with excellent service. Our Islamic Clothing includes a very wide variety of products that includes abaya, hijab, jilbab, denim western suits, long skirts and others. We also feature Islamic Books that are an excellent source of information for non-Muslims and Muslims. The books are meant for Adults as well as children.

No burqas. But the “denim western suits” were what interested me, because I couldn’t quite picture what they were — maybe matching denim pants and jackets with a string tie, and nice leather boots with Inshallah tooled on the sides? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them.

However, I did see this:

     All items are shipped from the United States making shipping quick, and dependable.

So not only can you shop easily for what you want, you can “Buy American” at the same time!

I was most interested in jihad-related products, but a search within the site for “jihad” and “mujahideen” produced no results. I wonder why that might be?

My most serendipitous discovery was “Zamzam water”, which I had never heard of before. Here’s the product description:

     This zamzam water in a nicely packaged bottle is from the Zamzam well in Makkah. From a Islamic religious viewpoint, zamzam water can provide cure from sickness. Every year, millions of pilgrims that flcok to Makkah bring zamzam water with them to use for various cures and purposes.

And only $2.99 a quart! How can anyone resist?

My advice is to rsuh to Hilal Plaza so that you can qickly fill all your needs for Islam-related prdoucts.

5 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake Does Jihad?

  1. “The book contains practice sentences and provides room for practicing the script. Contains 28 pages of Arabic script for practice.”

    I would like to know what the ‘practice sentences’ say?

    This is an excellent blog, by the way.


  2. You people need to stop hating Islam so much. what do you have against us anyway is it that we say : “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” Have you ever even read the Quran you would know what we are all about. we dont claim to believe in one God yet ascribe a son to Him – whom we worship as well! It is your own insecurities about your own religion that brings you to make such ignorant comments. We dont make fun of your customs – your drinking wine and eating crackers as Jesus’ blood and flesh – it’s called respect. And if you cant even find it in your tiny little hearts to have a little respect for another religion – well, i guess that says something about your belief system – and yes, dhimmis. At least we have a place for you and are not bent on forcefully converting ppl. You need to read up on Islam and stop the hate! May Allah Guide you all. Ameen.

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