Call Senator Durbin…the name he deserves

For that matter, call him anything you please. Here’s his phone number:

(202) 224-2152

Here’s the message, via Free Thoughts Splinder:

REPORT: One UK Homicide Bomber Was Recent GITMO Release 7 July 2005; 12:54 ET: Preliminary reports from a source inside the Pentagon indicate that one of the operatives involved in this morning’s bombings in London was recently released from the prison at Guantanamo. DEVELOPING

And to you, Senator Durbin, I say: damn you for the moral damage you have inflicted on our country. Damn you for the aid and comfort your words give to the killers in London.

Meanwhile, there’s a site to see: Dump Dick Durbin. The masthead reads:

“Though he is a hard worker, Durbin is also bland, dull, and his mind is unburdened by original thought. He seems to be more guided by the polls than anything resembling a political philosophy … He is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Senate. Durbin is without relevance and gets no respect.” Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, July, 2003.”

Check it out and take heart.

One thought on “Call Senator Durbin…the name he deserves

  1. I just called. Got an aide. Simply said that I was aware the Senator Durbin wanted to close Guantanamo. Maybe he should consider that everytime we release somebody they go kill someone else. Then hung up.

    It felt good. Message may not reach him, but at least I tried.

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