Mullah Krekar

2007   Oct   9   The Latest on Mullah Krekar
    Nov   13   Mullah Krekar: “Kill the Aussies!”
        29   More Mau-Mauing from Mullah Krekar
2008   Apr   17   Norway to Mullah Krekar: We Give Up!
    Jul   15   Free Speech in Norway Requires Police Approval
    Aug   5   A Mullah with Chutzpah
    Sep   27   Mullah Krekar Threatens Author With Death
2009   Jul   23   A Terrorist in Utopia
2011   Dec   9   A Mullah For All Seasons
2012   Mar   2   The Uncomfortable Side of Freedom of Speech
        27   Mullah Krekar Bunged into Chokey for Five Years
        28   You Deserve a Brick Today

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