Mullah Krekar Has Been Bunged Into Chokey

It couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow:

Terror Convict Mullah Krekar Extradited to Italy

12-year term for international terrorism

(ANSA) — Rome, March 26 — Faraj Ahmad Najmuddin aka Mullah Krekar was extradited to Italy from Norway Thursday to serve time for international terrorism.

He landed at Fiumicino and was taken to Rome’s Rebibbia Prison.

Krekar was sentenced last July 15 to 12 years in jail together with another five defendants, like him of Kurdish-Iraqi origin, for “association with terrorism purposes, also international”.

Hat tip: Insubria.

For the previous adventures of the renowned peace activist, see the Mullah Krekar archives.

3 thoughts on “Mullah Krekar Has Been Bunged Into Chokey

  1. He’s been given lots of free Kroner in Norway, now he’ll get some free Corona in Italy.

  2. Great, maybe the Italians will shave that disgusting likely lice-ridden beard of his and cast him into a cell with a bunch of aggressive soddomites.

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