Eastertide Begins

From a Notre Dame de Paris that no longer exists. It seemed so eternal…

A blesséd Easter to all…

14 thoughts on “Eastertide Begins

  1. Thanks Dymphna
    A good Easter morning service, worship, praise, testimonies, here
    The Cup of Sanctification –
    The Cup of Judgment or Deliverance-
    The Cup of Redemption –
    The Cup of Praise or Restoration –
    = relating it all to Christ.
    The Peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:17

  2. Blesséd. For once I like your sense of irony. Blesséd this easter is. Blessé, that is wounded for the Notre-Dame mosque of Paris.

  3. …and to you and yours, and all here. Earlier today (Sun), BBC Radio 3 played the new peal of bells installed in 2013. They survived, so not all is lost.

  4. First of all, happy and blessed Easter to people who run this website and all their readers.Now off to Easter “activities” commited by members of religion of peace. Of course my prayers go to Christians in Sri Lanka. But prayers won’t help.That much I’m aware of. Also in Germany ,my fellow Croatians got enriched by a “mentally unstable” enricher who stormed in St.Paul’s church in Munich while yelling AA* and throwing loud firecrackers which caused stampede in which 24 people got injured.


    • “But prayers won’t help.”

      Prayers are something to do when you don’t know what else to do.

      • Wrong…pray God for all you are, as often you can. Even if you don’t need help. In orthodox Christianity we say….God is helping you, but it doesn’t put food in your bag. With other words, God help’s you to be healthy, sane…but it is you who must go to work or fight.

  5. Baron/Dymphna, thank you for this. I sometimes feel we are so vulnerable to this sort of atrocity yet our authorities, those who are charged with our safety, are in the pockets of those who seek to do us harm. I saw a post on Facebook this morning from Nonie Darwish asking for a worldwide ban on islam while the media dare not mention its name.
    Unfortunately, too many people have been politically corrected into submission while islam runs riot.

    It will take a great deal to convince me that the purveyors of islam were not responsible for the Notre Dame fire.

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