5 thoughts on “Western Racism Towards the Palestinians

  1. Europeans need to pay close attention to the fallout of France reducing welfare benefits for Muslims in 2013. Pat Condell, Kevin Carroll, Geert Wilders and other courageous leaders need to unite in their efforts to save Europe from Islamification. Muslims are practicing stealth Jihad until their numbers gain them political power to impose Sharia. Logic dictates that civil war will happen in Western countries if the current policies remain intact. Reduce or eliminate immigration from third world countries. Cut off all welfare benefits and free housing. Hold Muslims to the same standards of the indigenous citizens who are being taxed in the name of social justice and multiculturalism. What a farce.

  2. Last time I checked the Palis were not a “race.” (For that matter, neither is Islam…)

    They are rather obnoxious ethnicity who, for their odious behavior, have been slaughtered and exiled from their actual homelands, Jordan and Egypt. The name of the “Black September” terrorist group actually refers to an incident in Jordan where over 10,000 Palis were killed after they stated an uprising.

    I am satisfied with any “racism” toward the Palis.

  3. Good question:

    How long indeed till we start to listen to Palestinian Jew-hatred?

    Ummm…Norwegians listened hard and decided they liked what they heard. That’s why they support Palestine even through the long reign of brutal, murderous behavior…

    Hamas’ Tactic: Require Israel to Cause Civilian Casualties

    …sadly, Mr. Condell is spot on. Those PoorPalis™ number among those in the Left’s pantheon of Special Victims who are not required to maintain the minimum standards of humane behavior.

    Here in the US, they put black Americans of a certain political persuasion on that same reservation. Conservative blacks, otoh, are scum. Turncoats, Uncle Toms, oreos, etc., ad nauseam. I wonder into which category Christian Palestinians who don’t buy into the fraud are put…

  4. The Palestinian Arabs are just the same as all the other Moslems in the
    Middle East. They follow a death cult
    which gives free license for any man
    to act as a god over the rest of the World. Islam is the real problem.

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