An Interview with Sabatina James

Sabatina James is the daughter of Pakistani parents who immigrated to Germany. She estranged her parents by becoming an apostate from Islam and a convert to Christianity. Nowadays she is an activist who speaks out on behalf of former Muslims, and calls attention to the plight of Christians in Pakistan.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance website includes introduction to the interview with Sabatina:

Non-Muslims are often persecuted in many member states of the Organsiation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). However, the OIC spends much of its time lecturing Western countries about religious tolerance. They have been lobbying for a global blasphemy law so that Western countries are effectively brought into line with the ‘human rights’ philosophy of countries like Pakistan.

UNHRC Resolution 16/18, which the OIC has been pushing, talks about tackling discrimination based on religion or belief. If this is something that they genuinely want to address then they should do it within their own countries rather than at the United Nations. The OIC clearly does not know what religious tolerance means!

By accommodating the demands of the OIC Western governments are dragging our human rights standards down to the level of countries like Pakistan. It is therefore likely that the result of such accommodation will be that non-Muslims are treated as shamefully in Western countries as they are in places like Pakistan. This is completely unacceptable. By accommodating the demands of the OIC, Western governments are endorsing the way non-Muslims are treated in OIC member states. In the following video, Sabatina James outlines the plight of Christians in Pakistan.

Sabatina James, an ex-Muslim of Pakistani origin, explains the dire situation for those in Pakistan and elsewhere who do not accept Islam as their religion, but are finding that Christianity is a more humanitarian religion and are putting their faith in Jesus. A human rights disaster usually ignored by our governments.

Many thanks to Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Europe News for preparing and translating this Christmas interview with Sabatina James for the EN Vimeo channel:

A full transcript is available at the ICLA website.

7 thoughts on “An Interview with Sabatina James

  1. Not to diminish the value of the video, but it’s interesting to note how so many of the titles of books on ESW’s bookshelves are the same as those that exist on my own.

  2. Two most erudite, brave and obviously, attractive women here.

    A very minor suggestion is this: “democracy” is not a wise choice of words to use. “Democracy” is a weak term; is not a precise opposite of Islam by any means, nor does it seem to be doing much to stop Islam, if you think about it. Democracy is the mental version of the emotional word “fair.”

    Better words for a replacement for totalitarian systems:
    good government
    small, unintrusive government
    unintrusive society

    By the way, my computer can’t spellcheck “unintrusive” but it knows how to spell “unfairnesses” and “uncomfortableness” perfectly.

    Unintrusive, yeah, maybe that’s it.

  3. The lady seemed to be blaming the EU for not getting to grips with letting Europe change Islam rather than the other way round.

    She then spoke of people above the EU who seem to her to be involved.
    One would have thought that the EU should be the guardian of Europeanism, European values, Europe’s Christian and Enlightenment heritage; but she is pointing the finger at the EU for being the opposite.

    Well, we know that the EU is anything but pro-European either in the case of its native inhabitants or its heritage and she is confirming this.

    Most interesting is that she is alluding to the fact that there are people at a higher level than the EU’s politicians and administrators who are to blame also. I wonder who she is thinking of. Any suggestions?

  4. She is referring to the international globalist conspiracy. Everyone knows that the EU administration and MEPs
    are employees who are controlled
    covertly by the Rothschild Cartel
    and other gangsters.This conspiracy is most obvious in the US where under the out and out communist Obama a massive attack on gun ownership, combined with a ferocious tax attack on the [White] middle classes and an attack on the working class by total Islamic penetration of society, is designed to deconstruct the entire WASP structure once and for all.The
    twisted Obama is a placeman/enabler for the Globalist Elite, a tiny, shadowy collection
    of frighteningly rich Ashkenazi Jews who dream of ruling the entire World, something like 1984.

  5. You may be right but they think they are so smart but can’t be. What sort of a world do they think they will be ruling. Will America without the WASPs and Europe without Europeans really be able to keep the lights on?

    This has always seemed a flaw in their masterplan if the genocide of Europeans is all part of their project. They are meant to have high iqs but know that Europeans are their equal, if not a close second. But they must be pretty dumb.

    Where are they going to live in safety for a start when Europe and the US are like Pakistan – and don’t say Israel because surely by then Pakistan will have nuked her.

  6. What end are you talking out of Anon of 2:03 ? Number one, Jews are no more intelligent than Europeans or Asiatics. Number two, how is Pakistan with about 100 nukes but some delivery problems going to defeat Nukes-R-us Israel with 400 bombs, some ready to go anywhere on the planet ? The issue that has been identified is that a portion of the World’s Jewish population hate Christianity with a passion. It is difficult to justify or account for this, ‘The Longest Hatred’.Some people think that Jews will feel more at ease
    dealing with Moslems rather than
    [nominally] Christian populations,
    and are more likely to achieve
    World dominance which supposedly
    some of them dream about.

  7. I suppose that muslims are likely to be more compliant than European Christians. For a start their combined average iq is probably lower than Jews or Europeans.

    Secondly they are used to submitting whereas Europeans are possessed of a healthy individualism and won’t be pushed around.

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