Tommy the Category “A” Prisoner

The following report with the latest news on Tommy Robinson’s incarceration was adapted from a piece that appeared originally at the English Defence League website.

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Tommy Robinson The Category A Prisoner!
By Nemesis

As you are all pretty aware Tommy does send us regular updates regarding his current “political detention” and we now have another update for you. However, it makes for grim reading.

While Tommy has been remanded in prison for a number of trumped-up charges that will not stick, he has become a political “hot potato” that the authorities and prison governors do not want to accommodate.

We have found that during his detention on remand many of his human rights have been quashed and ignored, even though the prison, the governor and all relevant authorities have a “duty of care” (which is a legally binding obligation) to make sure those rights are followed to the letter.

Remember that Tommy has not been convicted of a single crime, yet the prisons, their governors and all “responsible people” have treated him as if he were a “convicted terrorist”. Tommy has not plotted to take the lives of innocent people; he does not follow an ideology that believes in supremacism, nor does he want to; he is a man who stands against such things. How can a man who has played an active part in highlighting the very things that any sensible morally guided human being would follow become persecuted so much, with little to no evidence of wrongdoing?

It’s because he speaks the truth, uncomfortable, even unpalatable truths. He does not shy away from them (unlike our cowardly and repressive political tyrants). Our political masters know that he won’t be silenced, no matter how much they try to intimidate or coerce. Tommy, like the thousands who follow him, will not under any circumstance give in to the bullying tactics of state oppressors or the Islamist filth that cause our communities so much harm.

Since our last update from Tommy he was moved onto the block (he was segregated on the hospital wing) so he has no exercise, no “air time” and no possessions other than the clothes he is wearing.

The governor in Bedfordshire prison (Mr Brannigan) and the state seem to be colluding to make life as hard as possible for Tommy, it’s a move they may well come to regret.

The EDL have always played a part in giving the silent majority a voice, a means to air their views and concerns in a democratic way, an outlet for their understandable anger and outrage at things like Muslim rape gangs, Islamic ghettos, terrorism etc etc etc.

But now, after institutional failures to uphold human rights legislation, the EDL will find it very difficult to control the anger and the outrage that will undoubtedly follow the very latest events involving Tommy’s incarceration. Any patriot from any background or political affiliation will become incensed with a deep-rooted anger, one that can’t be controlled or managed. This is the straw that broke the camel back!

Unfortunately it gets worse….

Tommy was moved to the block as he faces accusations of “recruiting prison inmates for the EDL”. This is an allegation that would not be so funny if he were not segregated from every other prison inmate anyway, a farcical and ridiculous charge if we have ever heard one. How can any individual recruit members into the EDL while being segregated?

The authorities and the governor are clearly scared, but now they have poured petrol over flames that were already burning with ferocity!

Tommy was carted away as he was told that he was to attend court in St. Albans. Tommy challenged this, as he and his brief had no notice of it. He duly arrived only to be told by the clerk that they were not expecting him at all. By the time he returned, his possessions were confiscated from him, and a move to the block was facilitated during the time made available for a nonexistent court hearing!

It gets worse still…

Tommy has now been moved to Milton Keynes Woodhill, a category “A” prison where he will now share his time with murderers and “real” terrorists. The inmates of this prison are serving life sentences for a plethora of different offences, no doubt Islamic terrorism being a major reason behind the numbers that dwell there.

So now that it appears the governor and the state are complicit in the continued detention of Tommy Robinson, complicit in removing and ignoring his human rights even though he has not been convicted of anything, complicit in angering many thousands of people worldwide, complicit in ruining any chance he had of seeing his friends and family over Christmas, complicit in ruining the life of an individual who has the balls and backbone to deal with Islamic supremacism.

Lets hope those responsible don’t have to suffer a Christmas ruined by their cowardice and inept policies, policies that continually break every piece of human rights legislation.

We will update you further as and when we can. We know this will anger you all. We know that there is not much we can do to quell that anger.

All we can say is that “We are all Tommy Robinson”.

8 thoughts on “Tommy the Category “A” Prisoner

  1. Seems to me that the real purpose of incarcerating him at Milton Keynes Woodhill is to offer him up to the umma. Plenty of Muslims there would happily do the deed, I’m sure.

  2. We are a week away from the Winter Solstice in Europe and the Mayan prediction of the end of the world. I doubt if the world will end next Friday but I have read that the Mayan prediction might refer to a sudden change in thinking. The Mayans could have been talking about the end of European civilisation or they could have been talking about a sudden change to prevent this.

    Somehow I have a feeling that such is the pressure against the New World Order mounting in Britain and the rest of Europe that that change might be on its way.

    UKIP, the party in Britain with the largest following on the “radical right”, has increased its lead in the polls to 14%. If you couple this to voters for the other parties of the radical right i.e. the British National Party, the English Democrats and the British Freedom Party then we might be talking about 18%. This is probably higher than support for the freedom parties on the continent and in Scandinavia. The rabidly pro EU and pro euro Liberal Democrats have slumped to 9%.

    You may think that the British are unaware of Tommy’s fate but perhaps they are not. UKIP’s result, coming second in Rotherham, may have been down to Labour as well as Conservative voters.

    I also believe that the recent census results here may have been a factor in this poll surge. I am hoping that Ed Milliband’s goose will shortly be cooked with Labour voters. I wonder if they are aware that his father, buried near Karl Marx, came here as a Jewish refugee from Poland during the War but that, once here, he said that he hated British nationalism and hoped that Britain lost the War. I don’t know why he wasn’t interned as an enemy alien. You can understand why Ed looks so uncomfortable on Remembrance Sunday. I am sure that the Queen and Prince Philip are aware of his family’s history – his grandfather was not even allowed in ( would we could keep those hostile to us out these days!!).

    If Tommy’s fate is bad then I return again to Emma West, the girl on the Croydon tram who screamed,”None of you is f…n English, why don’t you f… off back home”. She is in prison and her child has been removed from her. But to show how far Britain is becoming a Soviet style police state, she is undergoing psychological profiling because she is resisting re-eduction. This means they are trying to prove she is a nutter and lock her up in a looney bin for criticising the Marxist Multicultural One World Revolution. Her child will never be returned to her. Here in Britain my friends we are a short step away from the gulags. All nationalists will be faced with re-education or to be judged criminally insane, whereas the criminally insane are the ones ruling the world now.

  3. Or there will be a violent reaction – the response that the ‘state’ was trying to prevent. The unintended consequences of most plans and actions are rarely considered and can often not be predicted.

    I know what I am wishing for.

  4. Normally when people are pushed and pushed and pushed they react but we may have other factors here which are holding us back. If our brother Tommy comes out of prison in a wooden box I would expect reciprocity but I fear almost 100% of us are so comfortable in our own lives that we would just react like a little dog barking loudly, at best. Most of us have a house, car, TV, possibly a wife and 1.6
    children, DIY at the weekend, mobile phone,etc. So we are all more comfortable that Caesar was at any point in his
    conquest/occupation of Britain; all these things weaken mere mortals like modern man, so who are we expecting to sort things out ? This is our main hurdle. If we don’t find an answer to this lethargy we will soon become mere spectators in our own dismantling
    and destruction.

  5. The betrayal of a people by their leaders is not something new, nor is it even new to British history. You only have to look back to the enclosure movement, or the Scottish lairds who – though once first among equals – used the law to dispossess their fellow clansmen. Even earlier, I would guess it was the British elite of the 5th Century who ‘invited’ the Saxons in to be mercenaries in their battles with Frisian pirates, the Picts, and other sea raiders.

    In both instances the result was the betrayal of the people the ‘ruled’ and at least in the 5th century case, the dispossession of the elite as well.

    The solution requires that the people seize power from those that betray them. But such a process is difficult because the elite usually define and control the levers of power. In addition, only a minority of the population has both the will and the ability to resist so rebellions and violence are seldom the solution. Violence begets violence and the end result may be even a greater tyranny (think Napoleon). The best solution is to mirror the actions of the first Christians and to speak to the truth even as you lead through example, but even here most people have ‘hardened their hearts’ and will not believe.

  6. The Labor Party has betrayed the working class and the Unions only care for public employees. This is the truth and it will prevail

  7. Yes indeed, world turned upside down and put in a blender. Al Quatada, bin ladins RHM, almost thrown out of UK, but due to crazy lawyer crap, complains his place isn’t nice enough and rents , no British government OKs this nicer house, 450,000 pounds worth, which the owners said not to rent to terrorists!! This @#$%^&* crazy terrorist bastard is now ensconced happily at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile a true hero, A British Patriot, Tommy Robinson, has been moved 3 times, to three jails, with no charges, since his arrest 2-3 months ago, with no possessions other than the clothes he was wearing. What is wrong here? This should make every Free Person in the world, furious. That this should happen in the Land of Magna Carta is unforgiveable. By all government agencies and throughout Parliament to the highest echelons. You shall rue the day. Ordinary people,like me in Canada, remember what Magna Carta means, it is almost sacrosanct to us. It is what protects US from YOU. You, Parliamentarians and jailers, you DO NOT have the right to take Tommy Robinson’s Freedom from him, without proper charges. So, say so. I might also add, you seem to want to keep this pretty quiet, don’t you? Why?

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