The Islamization of RATP

The French transport agency RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, or “Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports”) has become so Islamized that its supervisors and employees have effectively submitted to sharia rules, especially where they concern the treatment of women.

Many thanks to Bear and Riposte Laïque for the translation of this video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript of audio translation:

00:04   We were always happy in this enterprise.
00:16   They are becoming more and more numerous. It’s the law of the number.
00:20   When you are 50 people, you demand and claim things.
00:28   At the level of hiring me for example…
00:32   mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandmother employed in this enterprise.
00:36   It took me two years to get in.
00:40   My brother in law also, it also took him two years.
00:44   But other people, Mohamed, Ben Thingy, got hired in less than 2 months
00:53   They wanted to hire the same type of people we transport…
00:57   The CEO does not oppose the wearing of the veil…
01:01   for its agents, if it reflects its clients.
01:05   Since we serve sensitive neighborhoods we hire…
01:09   people from that category.
01:17   Of course they are attacked the same [passengers are attacked as are the bus drivers]
01:21   Some passengers complain that there are drivers
01:25   that are aggressive towards them.
01:30   The CEO has said that if there were veiled women…
01:34   it would be good since the new female recruits…
01:38   are mostly Muslim… since the number of fundamentalist Muslims is on the rise
01:42   we can expect that female drivers in a few years…
01:46   claim the veil. I do not know if it will come from them, really, but they can be veiled
01:50   because the driver has to be at the image of the ones she transports.
02:00   But Muslim women
02:02   will adapt to what ‘good Muslims’ will impose on them.
02:14   We submit, I submit, I myself say nothing when the guy
02:18   do not shake our hands because we are women. I was told it was out of respect,
02:22   and also because woman are…
02:26   a source of temptation and
02:31   a source of turpitude. Insult, called bi***,
02:35   or prostitute. Since she reacted, she was called a racist.
02:39   Racist, fascist…
02:43   Dirty race, your wife is a prostitute, she is s***, your mother is a prostitute…
02:47   I will break your teeth…
02:51   I really felt excluded, less-than-nothing
02:59   We are a business in which we are a minority, we are 7 to 10%
03:03   After so many years of disdain…
03:07   I feel dirty. Every time I am reminded that I am impure…
03:11   I am always reminded I am dirty, at the end I don’t want to see them anymore,
03:15   so I start isolating myself.
03:36   I have gone to see my boss in human resources and explained
03:40   all of that. He stated he was aware,
03:44   that he understood, but that he would do
03:48   nothing, in the name of social peace, that you have to endure it
03:52   Or else we will reveal the fascists and bring conflicts
03:56   within his enterprise, which works well.
04:05   And so if I listen to them, I must shut my mouth,
04:09   and that puts me to shame. I would prefer they would tell me…
04:13   ‘no, this is unacceptable’.
04:21   It’s not a big deal…
04:25   don’t worry… take it upon yourself… be above that…
04:29   But if we said to them ‘dirty race’, we would be fired
04:50   They work often in transport because it allows them to pray.
04:54   There are prayers that are done on the work site during work hours,
04:58   in the buses themselves. I see people on Fridays now, they don’t want to work
05:02   between 12:00 and 15:00 hrs. During Ramadan they won’t be there,
05:06   or they want to work only the morning.
05:10   When we aren’t there, one of the guards uses our rest room to pray
05:14   The regulator saw someone [praying] in the bus and made a report.
05:18   He was summoned to BEEP and was told ‘as long as it doesn’t hamper the departures,
05:22   we can’t say anything’.
05:26   When she saw that I came from the communist labor union
05:31   she figured that, as secularism is a value of the communist labor union,
05:35   this girl [the woman speaking] cannot be a far right-extremist.
05:39   Religion is omnipresent in our organization now, it is really starting
05:43   to heat my ears up! It will result in a fight! It is gaining strength,
05:47   there is a rotten ambiance…
05:51   at our organization, it is insufferable; we can not work in these conditions.
05:55   It’s what I asked for: that they let us speak, that they make a firm reminder of the law
05:59   And if they [Muslims] don’t respect the law, I am
06:03   of the opinion that they should be punished.

Transcript of text slides:

1. The suffering of women of the RATP
2. for a few years. the women working at the RATP suffer from poor treatment from a few of their colleagues
3. that are fanatic religious, males that are sexist. The staff speaks anonymously in order to avoid reprisals
4. The selective and discriminatory recruitment “negative” of the RATP…
5. …and other people… Mohammed, Ben something, they got in, in less then two months.
7. This mode of recruitment does not resolve any “incivility”, but, on the contrary, accentuates the “difficulties” between the personnel.
8. The “difficulties within the personnel
9. The women from Maghreb that have come in to this state controlled company, is due to the “bearded”
10. They will say nothing because they are submissive…
11. The female bus drivers are daily objects of disdain, harassment, insults and mistreatment from their bearded colleagues and coworkers
13. Disdain, aggressive looks
15. We have let go of everything because they are becoming a majority
16. From the hierarchy the majority reaction is, accommodation and submission without taking into account the suffering of the personnel
17. The suffering of the female personnel exception made
18. There are some men that refuse to drive a bus because a woman has driven it before!
19. The regulators just change the busses
20. A veritable scandal
21. The joys of “living together”
22. The direction has said, ‘social peace’
24. The exception
25. The regulator has said, “If you do not want to take the bus after your female colleague, you will go back home and you will not be paid”
26. And then suddenly the man said, “Well finally, I will drive it anyways”
27. Illegal prayers at work
28. It weighs in at work
29. Do you get in trouble if you protest?
30. And what do you hope to get from the hierarchy?
31. In a future faced with fear, we must choose. Silence and cowardice, or the courage of speaking out.