Fjordman Has Norway’s Unconditional Attention

I am Fjordman!

Despite their persistent ridicule and dismissal of Fjordman, the Norwegian media remain preoccupied with him. And, according to an article in today’s VG, an entire book about Fjordman will be published shortly.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for the translation:

Journalist is writing a book about Fjordman

The journalist and writer Simen Sætre is currently writing a book about the anti-Islamist blogger Fjordman, who was one of those who inspired Anders Behring Breivik

“Like everyone else, I was severely affected by this incident emotionally. I’m trying to find out why Peder Jensen Nøstvold, who is better known under the alias Fjordman, became so radical,” Sætre tells Aftenposten.

Just two days after the terrorist attacks in the government quarter and on Utøya on July 22 last year it was alleged that Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by one man, the blogger who would turn out to be Peder Nøstvold Jensen.

Sætre, who works as a journalist for the newspaper Klassekampen [“Class Struggle”], says that he has been in communication with Fjordman via e-mail for about a year, and that he has conducted several interviews with him. Sætre is not willing to reveal whether he has met the anti-Islamist.

He says that Jensen has changed since the terrorist attacks.

“It is no secret that the attack also scared Jensen. Prior to the attacks he used to write long essays on various websites, now he also writes op-eds in Norwegian newspapers using his real name.”

In October Klassekampen wrote that Peder Jensen Nøstvold is in the process of completing a book about Anders Behring Breivik. In the book, which will be titled “Witness to Madness”, Jensen will analyze Breivik’s so-called manifesto and describe the media’s coverage of the case.

Mr. Sætre has treated Fjordman relatively fairly, especially considering that he is a Norwegian academic. However, the Norwegian media seem to be playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with Fjordman, and the bad cop today is one Sven Egil Omdal, the former leader of the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission (Pressens Faglige Utvalg).

Aftenbladet published a vile hit-piece by Mr. Omdal today entitled “The mask ripped off Fjordman”. I don’t have a full translation, but the snips below were adapted from a Google translation and will give you the general idea:

So he [Fjordman] went into exile and stayed silent for a while. But now he’s back, and we can not allow ourselves the luxury of ignoring him.


He aligns well with the theory that the most extreme opponents of the multicultural society are not those who feel economically threatened by immigrants, but those who are culturally alarmed, fearing a future where their values are no longer dominant.

He says that Fjordman belongs “…among Europe’s bouquet of right-wing extremists, fascists, neo-Nazis and violent fanatics. They are far from in agreement on everything, but they agree enough that they should have our unconditional attention.”

20 thoughts on “Fjordman Has Norway’s Unconditional Attention

  1. Klasseklampen is a Communist newspaper; it means “Class Struggle” in Norwegian.

    So amusing to see the unapologetic heirs to the mass murders of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, the Baader Meinhof gang, the Red Brigades, all the rest, crying crocodile tears about “political violence.”

    The ’68 thug Danny the Red is now the “respectable” president of the pan-European Green Party (the same party that Oyvind Strommen and Thomas Hyland Eriksen belong to.) Danny the Red sheltered and nurtured a notorious far-left terrorist and murderer for many years; he is also an admitted child molester who promoted sex with children in the 70s and 80s.

    Danny the Red, better known to this generation as Danny the Child Molester, is the kind of European establishment figure who sits in judgement of Fjordman.

  2. It is indeed truly amazing that in 2012 Norway has a newspaper called “Class Struggle” that is not some fringe publication selling 5,000 copies a week. The shamelessness of people who deal in the discourse of the 1840’s and presume to disdain and demonize morally and ethically towering figures such as Fjordman.

  3. “He says that Jensen has changed since the terrorist attacks”.
    yes, he is probably even more convinced that he was/is right about islam, as we know that he is.

  4. fearing a future where their values are no longer dominant.

    What, exactly is wrong with that attitude?
    This class struggle clown wants to impose his or the muslims values on us and we are not even allowed to disagree?

  5. A lot of nutters blame someone else for their actions. Quite often God. They never seem to blame the more obvious candidate, the devil.
    The reason why ABB blew a fuse is down to state-enforced multiculturism. A massive overreaction, but I know who I blame. Left-wing cretins.
    Paris Claims

  6. To your information, Simen Sætre does not work for the newspaper Klassekampen (Class struggle).

  7. Fjordman is not extreme by a far streach. The extreme in Norway have the power, but they are a dwindling elite. In a couple of years, they will be severely challenged. Ultimately, they will be overtaken by the stupidity of their actions. And the judges will have a party. Betraying ones country will never be pardonable. The left in Norway have failed their ancestors and forefathers. They have disgraced their countryman, with whom they share their blood.

    Fjordman’s only got sound, down to earth opinions about what’s clear to see all around us. He’s a breath of fresh air, in between all the bile.

  8. “…they should have our unconditional attention”. Oh man, am I spotting a cash cow? you know, a much needed permanent observatory against right-wingers in Brussels, its equivalent in the UN, conferences in colleges all around, you name it. If we shut up they win if not they earn a lot of dough. Who said that these people lack entrepreneurial skill?

  9. Herman Robak —

    Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

    Please mind your language next time.


    Herman Robak said…

    Simen Sætre is the [person of less than desirable attributes] that got on the front pages in Norway in 2009, because he was slapped in the face by Aslak Nore, a Norwegian writer.

    Those who understand Norwegian can listen to a recording of the event that concluded with the slap on Youtube:

    The audience was clearly annoyed with Sætre, and he told them to go and have a beer. He clearly felt entitled to let his disdain for Nore’s book also apply to Nore himself, AND the audience.

  10. As I have posted elswhere, a friend of mine still wonders whether Breivik is mad. “How else could he make his point?” he asks.

    I am waiting for this site to publish the results of the 2011 census here in Britain, released today.

    It has shown that the cheerful cockney sparrows of 50 years ago are now in the minority in London at 45%. London will soon be ethnically cleansed of its indigenous inhabitants.

    As regards Britain itself, the “White British” have slid from being 87% to 80% in ten years. At this rate they will be in a minority within a few decades as predicted.

    I wonder how these results will impinge on the British psyche. We are told that nearly 8m people here were born abroad. That means we have had to build in this tiny land eight cities the size of our second largest city, Birmingham, to accommodate them. This is Birmingham which will soon itself have an indigenous white minority.

    There is no doubt that in line with almost every other hitherto “white” country we British are being ethnically cleansed.

    Incidentally, these are figures for Britain. Nearly 90% of immigration in the last 60 years has been into England so you may find that the indigenous English are now only 75% if not fewer, perhaps only two thirds.

    And gleefully the secularists have learned that those who describe themselves as Christian are now just above 50%. I think muslims are meant to be about 5% which is nearly 4m.

    Am I alone in feeling that dark clouds are drifting into Europe from the east and the south so that soon we will be smothered and obliterated.

    Will we see an Anders Breivik in any other European country? Will we see one in Britain? We just don’t know what is going to happen but these statistics might just make the indigenous British feel less secure in their beds and fear for their children and grandchildren even more. Will this just strengthen the drift to the “far right” parties such as UKIP? Will there be bloodshed? This was a lovely safe country 50 to 60 years ago. It was our home of a thousand years. We never ever thought that this nightmare would be allowed to engulf us.

  11. Aononymous 3:03, your country was at the top of the list of those nations that needed to be “deconstructed” by the “richness” of “multiculturalism”.

    That’s because your country is the well spring of all the things THEY despise: rule of law, freedom of speech, the Industrial Revolution, the Mother of Parliaments, etc.

    If it hadn’t been for your country and its powerful offspring, the U.S., the Commie Dream would have triumphed! They would have gotten away with it, wouldn’t they, if it hadn’t been for those meddling Anglo-Saxon kids, Britain and the U.S.

    The saved their worst for you for a reason. In a way, it’s a demented compliment.

  12. Thanks for your comment above. We English are the Anglo-Saxons. We are a combination of Saxons and Frisians from North Germany and Holland, Angles and Jutes from Denmark and then Danish and Norwegian Vikings all with a substratum of Brythonic Celts.

    However, a love of freedom, our democracy, our organisational and inventive capacities all come from those who created Anglo-Saxon England which on the eve of the Norman Conquest was the richest and most well organised country in Europe. The Vikings who, once Christianised, were easily assimilated put the emphasis on trade and were behind England becoming a maritime trading nation as theirs had been.

    Not only England but also the countries of origin of the Angles, Saxons, Frisians, Danes and Norwegians are now under a similar process of deconstruction. The Normans introduced a centralised bureacracy of the type they found in France and was the father to the EU and is totally alien to North European peoples. Once those countries had been sucked in then their fate was sealed.

    We know that Obama hates the Anglo-Saxons and their ilk as do those shadowy people who want to destroy Anglo-Saxondom.

    But who do we turn to? Christianity civilised what had been raiders and colonisers from the fringes of the Northern continent and without Christianity Europe will sink back into chaos.

    It is becoming obvious to all that those flooding into Britain from the third world and colonising it at a rate of knots will eventually turn it into copies of their home territory. But until the English find the courage to fight nothing will stop this, our politicians are just playing at games because they know the die is already cast.

  13. May Mr. Jensen forgive me if I’ve passed along misrepresentations; and I will gladly take corrections.

    Various sources I read on Fjordman online report that he studied Arabic in Egypt, and worked for the Norwegian foreign ministry in the West Bank for a while. Yet he ended up highly suspicious of Islam.

    I feel very sympathetic towards him, for I was also a young Westerner drawn to a multicultural pursuit, only I learned Chinese and went to Taiwan. There, I met people who were truly proud and nationalistic in the sense of amour propre; yet a lot of their historical nostalgia was for the Tang dynasty, when China was the great “open”, immigrant-receiving, give-and-take of cultural artefacts civilization. Their nationalism also had a lot of room for respect for “others”. On the Mainland, I also ran into people whose respect for their own didn’t necessarily mean arrogance towards the “other” (especially if it was connected to a kind of political dissent). My experience made me think that cross-cultural meeting and mutually beneficial influences are indeed possible, if everyone plays his cards right–and I make no bones about being a “fundamentalist” Christian.

    So, I suspect that Mr. Jensen’s “multicultural” experience put him up against a culture with some serious pathologies.

    I hope he hangs in there and wins a lot more sympathetic hearers.

  14. To Anonymous at 12/12/2012 and 3:53 PM:

    I think you’re right about our One Big-@$$-Mistake-America President.

    I’m an American “mutt” (Central European, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Far Eastern connections through marriage) with very little “Anglo-Saxon” blood. Yet I believe that my country got a very good start from those British Isles settlers back in colonial days, and it came out in a lot of our post-independence national life, too. I decry the O’s attempts to pull us down to the level of a Third World country.

  15. I have read what you have said about the Tang dynasty but how many immigrants are we talking about as it is in no way evident in the racial appearance of today’s Han Chinese?

    Obviously Europe has absorbed a certain amount of non-european blood in centuries past, especially those countries with world-wide empires like Britain and France. But we must be talking about very few compared with today’s millions.

    Also, there is no need to have mass immigration for a race to absorb ideas from others. Europe did take in ideas from the muslim world, from China and even from India where mathematics is concerned. But it did this without people from those other parts of the world migrating en masse into Europe.

    In like measure, China and Japan and India are now taking european technology but this is not being achieved through the mass immigration of Europeans, something that none of those countries would probably want to see happen.

  16. Baron , next time supplement the Google translation with a Bing translator version. The Bing translation is often more accurate.

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