First They Came for Santa Claus…

A kindergarten in France has cancelled its annual visit from Santa Claus. School administrators say tight finances are to blame, but parents don’t believe them. They’re certain that the exclusion of Santa is an attempt to placate Muslims, and they’re up in arms about the decision.

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Kindergarten children in Loiret deprived of visit by Father Christmas

This is a story that keeps the mood boiling at a kindergarten in Montargis-Loiret. With the holiday season approaching, the headmistress decided to cancel the ritual visit of Father Christmas to the classrooms. Official reason: financial problems. Stunned parents charge that it was instead on religious grounds.

The headmistress gave in?

For some parents with children in the Grand Clos kindergarten, there is no doubt that the reason for the cancellation of the visit of the white-bearded man in the red suit is of a “religious” kind. A mother declared on Wednesday in Le Parisien — Today in France that: “The director told me she did not want her wrist to be slapped by some Muslim families,” she said.

The problem was confirmed by the Deputy Mayor of Montargis, who is responsible for matters concerning children. He adds that “each year, families threaten to boycott the school in the day of Santa’s visit.” The director gave in. For some, “this is too much.” It is, according to them, the “Islamization of a school.”

Pagan tradition

“It is an error”, was the reply from the Academy of Orléans-Tours. “It makes no sense, this is a misinterpretation.” Officially, the reason for cancelling the arrival of Santa at this small school is of a financial nature. The decision was made on October 26, during the school council’s meeting.

While still facing controversy, the mayor of Montargis requested an explanation from the Academy, as well as from the directive board of the kindergarten. He reminded everyone that Father Christmas is a pagan tradition with no religious connotations

For her part, the director told “La République du Centre” that: “This was hellish,” she said, her eyes reddened. “Incredible harm has been done to the school and the children.” She announced her intention to file a complaint.

8 thoughts on “First They Came for Santa Claus…

  1. This is the point where a parent volunteers and just shows up at school dressed as Pere Noel. That should solve the true reason re: finances while also sticking it to the muslims.

  2. Totally agree with Cyrus.

    I would also like to remark that the ruling élites in Europe now seem to adhere to the principle ‘Anything is better than Christianity’. They are ready to placate Muslims, to admire Buddhism or Oriental spirituality in general, and to take a benevolent interest in the occult, but Christianity must be suppressed and squeezed out of society’s life. It can be tolerated (for the time being) only as long as it sits within the walls of churches and monasteries like a dangerous beast in its cage.
    Of course, such approach leaves a vacuum which Islam is more than happy to fill.

  3. Santa Claus come from the Saint at the Council of Nicea.

    IMHO–the voluteer Santa should come with a bunch of 6’4″ “Elves” just in case.
    Might just come in handy.

  4. Well, using the logic of anon, if Santa Claus is not biblical, then there should be NO problem at all if he shows up at school….

    Santa Claus is just a man handing out presents to good little girls and boys….

    Muslims seem to like to ‘take’ presents from Christians, so what’s the problem?

    Now, as to the question of whether Muslims have been ‘good’ – well, that’s a-whole-nother question….


  5. Santa Claus (St Niklaas) is meant to stem from St Nicholas but to have been influenced by pre-Christian Germanic myth (was it something to do with Woden or Thor? – I forget).

    In like fashion, although Martin Luther was meant to have had something to do with the Christmas tree, it might stem also from Germanic/Norse mythology.

    Nevertheless, at Christmas in Brussels we might have well have been talking about erecting a crib in the centre of the Grande Place rather than a Christmas tree or having a nativity play in that French school rather than Father Christmas. Anything associated with the birth of Christ is anathema to the New Europeans.

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