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A “New Swede” on a taekwondo team in the southern Swedish city of Malmö delivered a sudden kick to the head of an opposing “person of Swedish background” on the sidelines of a match. The young enricher claims he didn’t know that the match wasn’t underway, despite the fact that they were off the mat and his opponent’s back was turned.

And maybe he’s telling the truth. After all, in his native culture, jihad always continues. It’s mandated by the Koran. There may be operational pauses for the sake of expediency, but Allah commands that jihad must continue without cessation.

There is nothing “off the mat” in Islam.

Vlad Tepes has put together two videos about the incident based on material from Avpixlat.

Video #1, with Vlad’s commentary:

Video #2, translation by Michael Laudahn:


00:00   Exactly when a new
00:04   taekwondo match was about to begin at the SM (Swedish championship) in Malmö, Sweden
00:08   number 1 Milad Ashna kicked down his opponent Fredrik Nielsen
00:12   outside the mat area. – And I fall down to the ground, try to get up and
00:16   realise that I am really broken, so I don’t make it, and
00:20   the match physician assesses that an ambulance should be called, in order
00:24   to fasten my neck and back, and I am laid on a stretcher.
00:28   Then I’m taken to a hospital in Malmö. – Milad Ashna
00:33   claims he had not realised that the match was over, despite the fact that both of them
00:37   were outside the mat area. At the taekwondo association, the incident
00:41   is taken very serious. – I think this is very serious.
00:45   Properly said, such things just do not happen. Chase someone on another mat,
00:49   moreover, there could have happened very serious,
00:53   it could have become even worse, is safe to say. – Fredrik Nielsen
00:57   is on sick leave during the following week and takes an analgesic.
01:02   He intends to report Milad Ashna to police for abuse. –
01:06   I consider this an abuse. And this will be reported to police. We must set a sign.
01:10   It is not OK to act this way, under any circumstances.
01:14   What do you hope to reach with the police report? –
01:18   Redress.

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7 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Martial Arts in Malmö

  1. Holland, Sweden, unprecedented violent antics by culture enrichers on the sidelines of sports events – in the same week.

  2. I always say that the main dilemma of our times is this: Whites and their countries play by Marquess of Queensberry rules. The rest of the world plays by back alley rules.
    Takuan Seiyo

  3. What do you expect from a Moslem ?
    Their mental processes are totally different to the rest of humanity.
    They think more like a snake or crocodile, there is no kindness or decency in their mental make-up.That is why Islam needs to be dismantled.

  4. third world culture traits are oftentimes better explained with the tools of ethology, some moslems`reactions by entomology

  5. I’ve only had a little tae kwon do (Yellow Belt) but I know enough physiology to understand that a sharp kick to the back of the neck can be lethal. That kick was delivered full-force; it was only blunted because of glancing slightly off the neck because of over-rotation (notice the kicker is off-balance when he lands). It was delivered directly in front of the judges’ bench so there was no evident attempt to disguise an extremely violent act. I don’t know if this has anything to do with religion (a jihadist would have made some declaration like “Allahu Akbar” to assert religious dominance). But that person needs to be charged with at minimum aggravated assault with intent to injure. and possibly attempted manslaughter or murder. This is something that need to be nipped in the bud STAT.

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