The Moment of Truth… Or Not


Well, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Four excruciating years, and then an interminable, maddening, infuriating presidential election campaign. After tonight, we’ll be done with it.

For a while.

I won’t say that this election doesn’t matter, because it most certainly does. But if anyone thinks that electing Mitt Romney will solve all our problems — especially the fiscal ones — they’ve got another think coming.

So later today I’ll go down to the firehouse, put on my gas mask, and pull the lever next to the “R” all the way down the line. But don’t expect me to be happy about it…

The core problem is this: no matter who wins this election, the fact remains that approximately half the voters who bother to vote will have voted to put the Messiah of Hope and Change back on the throne for another four years. Even after seeing what he really is, and knowing what he has done for four years, half the country still wants him in there, reading from his teleprompters and lecturing the American people about what they have to do and buy and eat and say and believe and think.

That’s the problem, and it will still be there, even if Mitt Romney somehow manages to squeak by and steals the throne from Hussein.

The unhappy truth is that no one can save America from fiscal Armageddon at this point. It’s too late. Our doom must come.

Even so, it’s still a good idea to vote a straight Republican ticket. If we turn the keys to the Republic over to the Republicans, we’re slightly less likely to get an EMP to go with our hyperinflation.

Cold comfort is better than none.

17 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth… Or Not

  1. Getting rid of Obama will improve domestic policy. Foreign policy will remain the same, no matter who wins. Expect the US to continue aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood and continuing horrors to be committed on Christians in the Middle East by allies of the US.

  2. Take heart. A significant percentage of Obama’s voters will simply be people too lazy and/or stupid to pay attention to what’s going on in the world beyond their favorite reality T.V. shows. Their vote for Obama will be nothing more than a mindless nod to the incumbent. These individuals are not wretched America hating leftists… just foolish, lazy dupes. So really, it COULD be worse!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your post except that I am still hoping fiscal Armageddon is not quite a certainty yet.

  4. Baron, this election will tell all of us whether or not America is now in the same sinking ship as we in the UK and Europe; specifically, that when the demographic of a sovereign nation governed by those who are elected through the application of an unearned universal franchise changes, and changes such that the biomass of parasites and predators comes to outnumber the net contributors and patriots, then any government so elected, irrespective of its own underlying ideology, will have no alternative but to bleed the net contributors dry and silence or kill the patriots in order that it will itself sustain.

    By such means is the fiscal, moral and cultural wealth of a free nation state first drained and then consigned to history. Yet again “…blood and tears — the fuels of history.”

    Seneca III

    Afterthought: I do not know if the same voting dynamic exists in the US as it does here in the UK where those who do work for a living, the net contributors, tend on the whole to vote in the evening on their way home from work. If it does hold across the pond however, then those of us watching in apprehension through the course of this long day must keep heart until the very end. As we say over here “The party is not over until the fat lady sings.” S III.

  5. Thank you for your posts exposing the truth of Islam.

    My wife and I voted straight Conservative a week ago. Lots of Romney/Ryan signs in S. Colorado in spite of generations old Democrat ties.

    We must be careful to not elevate Mr. Romney to the “messiah” status Obama’s supporters have done to him. Mr. Romney will not be a miracle worker simply because of the putrid state of our bureaucracy. But because of his business acumen and experience I choose to believe he will be able to make at least a small but significant “course correction” to this hugemongous, obese, brood-sow of a “Ship of State”. I pray fervently he will make enough of a difference. It will still be painful times ahead.

    Blessings to all.

  6. I’m trying to look at the Dark Side to keep my spirits up. If president Omega wins re-election, then the coming fiscal meltdown is more likely to be blamed on the Democrats. Or so I’d like to think.
    Either way, the Fat Lady seems to be warming up for the final act of Gotterdamerung.

  7. A heavy turnout for Romney means a heavy turnout for hotly contested Senate races, and that is probably as important right now as the presidency.

  8. I do not agree with you. Love your blog, but on this subject we disagree.

    The east and west coasts try to RULE the fly over country with their illegals and their bums and their wasteful habits. It may be that the fly ower country will just have to STOP working and say we quit!

  9. If Romney wins, and the fiscal armageddon comes, then the stupid brainless masses will pin the blame on him instead of Obama. Same happened in Spain after the last elections: The government of Zapatero f##ed everything during 7 years, and as soon as Rajoy (who is no better politician, by the way) won, and things started going dire, everybody began shouting against him, and this happened only 3 months after he had been sworn into office. Everybody forgot about those 7 catastrophic years, and concentrated on the three months of the new government. A democracy without a sane Demos is the best way to drive a country into anarchy and doom.

  10. I keep wondering, since the election of Obama, actually, whether the US may disintegrate, as states may see themselves better off on their own?

  11. I’m in SC and voted a straight GOP ticket EXCEPT for two local races, in which Jake Knotts (a/k/a Boss Hogg) got two candidates off the ballot, including his challenger in the primary. His challenger got on the ballot as “independent” and another ran as a write-in. “Boss Hogg” is a RINO who is interested only in power for himself and the local Tea Party people detest him.

  12. Have you ever seen the movie “Dave” where the president poseur called in his schlub of an accountant to go over the budget line by line to find ways to cut the budget?

    That was my hope for Romney…

    I just recently learned that the EPA gave a $95 million dollar grant to hog farmers in INDIA to study how to capture methane. In other words, we are paying hog farmers in India to figure out how to curtail pig farts… We have a lot of hog farmers here in the US. Why didn’t this money go to them???

    Well, I am feeling fairly despondant. I was so hoping that our gov’t could return to some sanity but no, it will be business as usual which means economic doom for the working person.

    Hopefully, in the late hours of the night it will change. I can’t stand to watch anymore.

    Israel, I am so sorry…

  13. ” Rajoy (who is no better politician, by the way)”

    At least, Rajoy says he doesn’t want the financial “help” from the EU.

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