The Growing Threat of Illiteracy in Canada

It seems that Canadians can’t read all that well. Or at least Canadian TV news reporters can’t.

A war memorial in Toronto was vandalized on Remembrance Day, November 11. The sentence “Canada Will Burn” was scrawled on it, followed by a few more words.

The newscasters could read the first three words well enough, but the part that came afterwards — well, they simply couldn’t make it out.

“Huh? Whazzit say??”

“Beats me.”

It’s as if they didn’t want the viewing public to be aware of the culturally-enriched coda to the message. Yet, funnily enough, the words were readily visible on the videotape, so that literate Canadians could read the sentiment for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

8 thoughts on “The Growing Threat of Illiteracy in Canada

  1. It’s called being scared. I’m willing to be they had to play dumb lest they want to get fired.

    Overt censorship isn’t needed in the West. Most is done through self-censorship in the name of keeping ones job.

    Look what happens when any Leftist wanders off the reservation and opening writes about what SOB’s Muslims are. They’re cut off in a New York second.

    The Left is absolutely brutal when it comes to people who do not tow the party line.

    It’s not Communist Russia, but it’s coming closer every day.

  2. The police have no suspects. It was obviously written by white right wing Christian extremists who hate Islam. Who else would do such a thing?

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