Lesbians, Muslims, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission

A lesbian requested a manly haircut at a barbershop in Toronto, but was turned down by the Muslim proprietor on religious grounds. Now she has taken her case to — surprise! — the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

The HRC spokesbeing in this news report says that there is no hierarchy of rights, and no one class of right can trump another. But I think she’s wrong: experience has shown that ethnicity trumps women’s rights, gay rights, and all the others. Since Islam has deliberately and deftly converted itself into a “race”, the rights of Muslims trump everything.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

I predict the barbershop scandal will create a paradox that overloads the collective circuitry of feminists and gay rights advocates.

It’s reminiscent of an episode entitled “I, Mudd” in the second season of the original series of Star Trek

Captain Kirk and Norman the androidIn that episode Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock outwit Norman the android by confronting him with a version of the Liar’s Paradox (also called Epimenides’ Paradox). Norman’s primitive program is unable to evaluate Mr. Spock’s statement. His android brain overloads, short-circuits, and seizes up. Smoke comes out of Norman’s ears, and he is incapacitated.

Will smoke soon be coming out of the feminists’ ears?

If so, will it be visible under their burkas?

5 thoughts on “Lesbians, Muslims, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission

  1. Most definitely. As a moderator on the old EDL forum, I did a thread about rights.

    I likened it to the old card game called ‘Top Trumps’. You’ll have to be 40+ to remember it.

    The trump order was:

    Muslim rights
    Ethnic rights
    Gay rights
    Female rights
    Disabled rights
    Animal rights

    I’m sure I’ve missed out a few cards, but they’re the main ones.

  2. I predict that the backlash will fall on the Christians, because the law doesn’t protect Christians like it does Muslims. If the barbershop owner had been a Christian, it would already be a done deal. So, like the middle manager that gets chewed out by his boss and then turns around and vents his anger and frustration on the worker below him because he can’t retaliate against his boss, they’ll pound on the Christians.

  3. Oh hierarchy of rights do exist as Road_Hog shows.

    Anyone who watches what goes on in society can see it.

    The current rule is Muzzies trump all other groups in terms of rights. Mind you most ethnic advocacy groups are quite Marxist in terms of political orientation and hence PC/MC.

    One can see that working in Europe.
    Jews get their heads smashed and harassed by Muslims and not a word of protest from their advocacy groups.

    The same applies to Gays, women and others who are harassed by Muslims. They just have to sit and take the beatings.

    This is evidenced by all the reports coming from Europe.

    Basically everyone has to be thrown under the bus according current PC/MC hierarchy dogma.

    Why? Because Muzzies are 3rd Worlder types. Hence the most precious people in the world. They are even more powerful in terms of rights than a bisexual, wheel chair bound, half black, American Indian female suffering from Dwarfism and cannibalism.

    It will be amusing to watch the Left be systematically dismantled by Muzzies.

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