Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2012The owner of a jewelry store in Bedford, Virginia (home of the D-Day Memorial) closed his business for a day yesterday. He put up a sign saying that the closure was to “mourn the loss of America”. At least one customer was offended, and vowed to take his business elsewhere.

In other news, a boat carrying about 300 migrants from Libya sent a distress signal from the Strait of Sicily near Malta, saying that it was taking in water. Meanwhile, the 81 sub-Saharan refugees rescued yesterday in Libyan waters landed safely today on the island of Lampedusa. All were said to be in good health.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2012

  1. TSA Plans to Track All Daily Travels to Social Events, Grocery Store or Work

    This title is plain wrong. It is not even supported by the article it is supposed to summarize.

    This tracking of one’s daily travels is only something one private “expert”, not related to the TSA, thinks that this authority might do at some point in the future.

    It is pure speculation, based on no facts at all. It has almost no value.

    I notice a pattern here. There is a whole category of American sites, regularly linked here, which spread false news on the basis of facts that purport to support them, but in reality do not when you bother to check.

    Infowars is one of the main culprits. Scare-mongering attracts readers and is a time-honored marketing technique, but sane people should be weary of entities using such tactics.

    Gerald Celente, for instance, makes a living telling people the world is about to end. The business model is simple : scare people for free, then offer them to tell them more, for a fee.

    Part of what those people say is usually right. It does not mean everything is.

  2. I did not read the article, but I can tell you for a FACT that the international-federal government IS planning for the capability to track every movement and purchase of every person every day using RFID chips.

    As we speak, RFID chips are being embedded into every product that is possible at WARP speed.

    Nationalized health care is just an excuse to chip humans. Obama himself gave a speech a few years ago where he said that it would be really convenient for everyone’s medical records to be stored in one place for easy access.

    RFID chips will be used to give or refuse access to roads, buildings, education, employment, medical care, and food. Companies have even begun to chip food products to monitor what people eat. It is all ‘experimental’ now, but it is the grim future for all of us.

    I am not including links here, but if you search on RFID chips, there is a lot of information available – especially from the RFID trade group promoting its progress with every major company.


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