Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/11/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/11/2012The city authorities in Brussels have banned the traditional Christmas tree that is erected each year in the Grote Markt, out of concern that the tree’s association with Christianity will offend Muslims. It will be replaced with a gigantic electronic sculpture of a tree made out of a set of television screens.

In other news, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she will not be able to testify next week at a congressional hearing on the attack on the Benghazi consulate, citing a scheduling conflict.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/11/2012

  1. Muslim communist to be decorated by Norwegian King’s medal today

    Just another example of the grave pressure from the outside on a small country

    This whole charade is putting shame on the King, and again, on the government as well as casting dark shadows on the Norwegian people who has to put up with this dangerous nonsense on the world stage.

    At the very least, the Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang (right), has the decency to refuse to do the decoration.

    Irony over all irony: On this same day a well known innocent children’s play is going to be performed at the National Theater The play, Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by, Cardamom City, is a caricature of an idyllic society, where everyone can do whatever he pleases as long as he is “good” at the end of the day.

    This muslim’s private koranic school, Urtehagen (Garden of Herbs School) in Oslo, has been invited to watch the performance at the theater.

    Kardemomme By

  2. Cardamom City
    Children’s book from 1955
    by Thorbjørn Egner

    The only law here is the Cardamom Law, be good and kind to the other

    The bad guys in this idyllic city are Kasper, Jesper and Jonatan, that is these bad guy come in from the outskirts to steal, “but only what they need”, and when imprisoned, they are treated well.

    – Just how innocent is this play, after all?

    The Norwegian autor Torbjørn Egner traveled to Italy, the South of France, Algeria and Morocco in 1949, and obviously was inspired by what he saw in Fès and in Marrakech.

    Bastian, the police chief, doesn’t mind about the three, as long as everyone is fine. – Fabian, the Oslo Mayor, actually has a lot in commong with Bastian in real life!

    The only one speaking up in horror about how these three outlaws are reigning in the city, is Aunt Sofie, a middle aged woman

    – But why the “foreign” names of the three who are not obeying by the law? Aren’t these unmistakably Jewish names?

    The muslim communist, Trond Ali Linstad, now being awarded by the Norwegian King Harald, maintains his antisemitic views, and still gets to keep the decoration.

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